Catholic Diocese of Spokane, Washington

A Christmas Greeting from Bishop Cupich

(From the December 15, 2011 edition of the Inland Register)

On Christmas morning we hear the prophet Isaiah announce: “All the earth beholds the salvation of our God.”

What does it mean to be saved? What kind of salvation is ours with the birth of Jesus? The Gospel of John, proclaimed at Christmas morning Mass, provides the answer. “To those who accept and believe in him, He gave the power to become children of God, born not by natural generation, not by human choice, not by man’s decision, but of God.”

The Good News is that our life is not totally defined by the circumstances of our birth, the advantages or disadvantages of our heritage or family. Nor is it by what others tell us what makes for a successful life, so often reduced to what we earn, how we look, what we possess, how much power we have over others. Finally, our life is not totally defined by our bad decisions, our sinfulness, our weaknesses and failings. All of these human circumstances and variables cannot stand in the way of what God wants to give us if we but accept it, accept his Son. Yes, on Christmas we celebrate the birth of the Lord, but it is also a celebration of our birth, for today the Savior comes to give us the power to become children of God.

A blessed Christmas to you and all your loved ones.



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