Catholic Diocese of Spokane, Washington

Peace Be With You

"We are Catholic Charities"

by Bishop Blase J. Cupich

(From the December 15, 2011 edition of the Inland Register)

This monthís column will be brief, simply because the message is direct and to the point.

The present state of the economy has forced severe cutbacks in federal , state and local budgets, which have heretofore provided a safety net for those most vulnerable in our society: the disabled, the homeless, the unemployed and the so many who have fallen below the poverty line since the Great Recession began. A record number of children are living in poverty, more people are living on the streets, and many more go hungry every night.

Catholic Charities has a solid record over its 99-year history of reaching out to people in need through such programs as the House of Charity, St. Margaretís Shelter, St. Anneís Children and Family Center, and its 900+ units of housing for seniors, the disabled and families.

However, there are limits to what they can do. Simply put, they need all of us to sacrifice a bit more this Christmas for them to reach out on our behalf to the hurting, the homeless, the hungry, and low-income individuals and families who come to them for assistance. Catholic Charities has always helped the Catholic Church put its best foot forward, and we can be proud of the way they represent each of us in the broader community. We are Catholic Charities.

I ask you to join me in making this yearís Catholic Charities Campaign a success. The parishes will be organizing collections on behalf of Catholic Charities again this year and I urge you to be as generous as possible. Their proven record of good stewardship is unquestioned and should give us confidence that our support will be used wisely.

You can also send in your donation directly to Catholic Charities: P.O. Box 2253, Spokane, WA 99210-2253.

This message is indeed short and to the point. The need is obvious. Please give generously.



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