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Annual Catholic Appeal: Church is like the dandelion

the Inland Register

(From the Feb. 8, 2001 edition of the Inland Register)

The lowly dandelion may seem an unusual choice for the Appeal’s publicity in that dandelions are usually considered pesky weeds. Believe it or not, dandelions have many good qualities. Their roots go deep and they can live just about anywhere. Nearly all parts of the plant, at some stage of its growth, can be made into food, wine or medicine. Little kids like them, picking them in bouquets for their moms and grandmas. After dandelions finish flowering and become puffballs, kids (and insects) help spread the seeds, making wishes and blowing the seeds to parts unknown. Wherever they land, if the soil is even remotely hospitable, the dandelion will take root.

And so it is with the church which has many similarities with the dandelion. It is everywhere and its roots go deep. Nearly all parts of the church — the word of God, Eucharist and the community of believers — become nourishment and support for our souls on this journey we are making together. Children are important in the life of the church and Jesus said we should be like them. And, again like dandelions, the message of salvation is borne forth and wherever it may land, if the heart is even remotely hospitable, the church can take root.

The dandelion lives willy-nilly, by the chance of nature, and that’s where the similarity ends. The church’s message is too important to be left to chance. Please be as generous as you can in contributing to the Annual Catholic Appeal so that the Good News we have can be shared and spread.

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