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Annual Catholic Appeal: Answers to the most common questions about the Appeal

the Inland Register

(From the Feb. 8, 2001 edition of the Inland Register

What is the Annual Catholic Appeal?
The Annual Catholic Appeal is the only time each year that Bishop Skylstad asks Catholics throughout eastern Washington to make a contribution to support his ministry as the leader of our local Church and to sustain the operation of the diocesan offices and programs.

Should I make a contribution to the Appeal?
Because the Appeal supports his ministry, the Bishop hopes that members of every registered Catholic household in the Diocese will make a contribution.

How is the Appeal goal for my parish established?
The goal for each parish is set according to the previous year’s contributed income as reported by the parish. 1The goal is 20 percent of the contributed income and represents the parish’s fair share of supporting the operations of the Diocese.

How does the Annual Catholic Appeal benefit my parish and me?
In the brochure you received when Bishop Skylstad sent you his letter about the Appeal, there is a list of the programs and services of the Diocese that are funded by the Annual Catholic Appeal. You and thousands of your fellow Eastern Washington Catholics are directly or indirectly served through these diocesan programs and services.

How do I make a pledge to the Appeal?
You will be asked to turn in your pledge envelope at Mass on the weekend of Feb. 12-13. Just fill out the envelope and place it in the collection basket during the Offertory of the Mass on that weekend. If you did not receive an envelope from the Bishop, there are pledge envelopes available in the pews at all churches. Contributions can also be made through the Annual Appeal website.

How much should I pledge?
Your Annual Catholic Appeal pledge is part of your Christian stewardship of treasure. First consider the many ways God has blessed you and your loved ones, then make a generous pledge that says how grateful you are for God’s gifts. Many people who are practicing stewardship decide on a certain percentage of their income that they will return to God — one-half of this percentage to their parish and the other half to other works of the Church. A gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal would come from this other half.

What happens after I make a pledge to the Appeal?
Most people prefer to pay their Appeal pledge in eight or ten installments throughout the year. To choose this method of payment, simply fill out the appropriate information on the pledge envelope. The Appeal office will send you payment reminders beginning in April.

Are there other ways to make contributions to the Appeal?
Many people like the convenience of having their contributions automatically taken from their bank checking or savings account. If you did not receive an authorization card for this method of payment, you can request one from the Appeal office. People can also use their credit card to make contributions. Gifts will also be accepted through the Appeal website.

What if I can’t make a pledge to the Appeal this year?
Please fill out a pledge envelope to let the Appeal office know that you cannot make a pledge this year. Write “none” or “0” in the box that says total pledge and print your name and address on the lines. Letting the office know you cannot pledge this year will save the parish and the diocese mail and phone follow-up costs.

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