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Annual Catholic Appeal: How Appeal Dollars Are Used

the Inland Register

(From the Feb. 8, 2001 edition of the Inland Register

ACA funds are divided among seven broad categories. The category headings provide only the briefest hint of where the money goes. The ACA brochure has a list of services which adds to the picture, as does the brief explanation below.

For instance, ministries’ formation includes education and training of diocesan priests, with 11 men currently in various stages of priesthood studies. Bishop Skylstad has ordained eight priests in the past two years and will ordain two more this summer. However, ministries’ formation covers a wider range; it also includes the permanent deacon program as well as lay ministry formation. Eleven men were ordained as permanent deacons in 1999 and a 12th will be ordained this summer.

Parish leadership development is another important program that helps train Catholics for leadership roles in their parishes.

Catholic schools are important in the life of any diocese and they receive a share of the ACA collection. But the scope of ACA funding extends beyond that to religious education and sacramental preparation for people of all ages in the diocese’s parishes. All kinds of materials are available, along with catechist training, to help pass on the message of Christ and to transmit Catholic values and teaching.

Catholics need solid, reliable information as they walk their journey of faith. Bishop Skylstad is extremely mindful of the importance of this and fosters it in many ways. One way is through this newspaper, which is an important tool to send out information about diocesan, national and international events to Catholics. In the early life of the church, the Gospel message was passed on by word of mouth and handwritten letters. Those methods are still extremely important but there are many other ways to spread the Good News (e-mail comes to mind) and the diocesan church makes use of them, too.

Special programs include a number of different ministries serving various ages and groups in the diocese. Two Newman Centers serve college-age Catholics at Eastern Washington University and Washington State University in the diocese. Family ministry, youth ministry, Hispanic ministry, Indian missions and detention ministry are other important areas calling for our attention and our finances.

The diocese also helps fund the retirement of 29 priests, who have given their lives to the service of the diocesan church.

General operations is the category that includes the day-to-day expenses of running a business: salaries, equipment, supplies, etc.

Even these brief explanations hardly give a complete picture of how ACA funds are used. If you have questions, call the diocesan development office, 509-358-4280, and staff members there will assist you. Please consider prayerfully how you can participate in the life of the diocescan church and give as generously as you can.

“..many will thank God for your gifts...”

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