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Charities benefit as Catholic school students mark 100th day of school

by Bonita Lawhead, Inland Register staff

(From the March 22, 2001 edition of the Inland Register)

The entire student body of Guardian Angel-St. Boniface School in Colton, all 59 of them, came to Spokane Feb. 23 to attend the Mass at St. Mary Church for the “100 Ways in 100 Days” campaign for Catholic Charities. They brought with them the gifts they had collected, including toilet paper and diapers.

Nearly all the Catholic schools in the diocese were represented at the Mass, as more than 6,000 items were presented for distribution to programs that help people in need.

In deciding to bring their students to Spokane, Colton school officials said they have done the drive “for years, but have never really seen where the items go.”

For the first 100 days of the school year, students in Catholic schools throughout the diocese collect items of necessity in lots of 100 — canned foods, towels, toothbrushes, children’s videos and books, pencils and baby items, and other things. Nearly all the collected items are distributed to programs operated by Catholic Charities in the diocese.

Early in the school year, the school will choose which program it will assist. Among the beneficiaries are such Catholic Charities programs as Volunteer Chore, St. Margaret Shelter, Refugee Resettlement and Childbirth and Parenting Alone (CAPA).

Assumption School in Walla Walla keeps its collected baby items in Walla Walla, assisting Birthright there, with the other collected items given to Catholic Charities.

The students learn an important lesson of helping others, and the people in the programs, staff as well as recipients, are grateful for their help.

Some classes decided to perform acts of charity. One class at St. Aloysius School in Spokane wrote 100 letters to low-income senior citizens. Students at St. Thomas More School, also in Spokane, visited nursing home residents, baby-sat at St. Ann’s Children’s home, and served meals at the House of Charity.

Students at Holy Family School in Clarkston held a penny drive, gathering a huge number of the coins for charity.

Holy Family’s first and second graders took advantage of the drive to learn a little math. They collected candy, pretzels, nuts and similar food items in batches of 100. The items were then combined to create trail mix for snacks. They also learned how collecting items can be used to help others.

Other participating schools: All Saints, Cataldo, St. Charles, St. John Vianney, St. Mary, St. Paschal, St. Patrick in Spokane, and Trinity.

Tri-Cities Preparatory School in Pasco also organizes a collection of items for charities in the Tri-Cities area.

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