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From the Diocesan Archives

by Father Ted Bradley, for the Inland Register

(From the April 12, 2001 edition of the Inland Register

150 Years Ago: 1851
Graubuender, Switzerland: Barnabas Held, the future Benedictine priest and long-time pastor in the Palouse and Big Bend parishes and missions, was born.
125 Years Ago: 1876
Central Washington:
Fathers Richard and Chirause of the Indian missions in Central Washington complained to Washington, D.C., that the President Grant peace policy “causes only war and strife among the Indians and the various religious sects, denying religious freedom to all concerned.”
In the Catholic press: The first book printed by the Jesuits was sent throughout the Indian missions in the Northwest. The volume was a translation of Scripture stories.
100 Years Ago: 1901
St. Scholastica’s Day School, under the direction of the Benedictine Sisters, is planning to change its name to Guardian Angel School.
Pomeroy: Father William Amschwand, pastor of Holy Rosary Parish, joined in marriage John Beringer and Catherine Kassel.
75 Years Ago: 1926
St. Joseph Parish reported that it made its own sacramental wine from a year’s supply of grapes from the vineyard at Trinidad, on the Columbia River. Cost: $12.
Newport: Father John Callanan of St. Anthony Parish often celebrated Mass in private homes in Dalkenna and Usk. Dalkenna was named after two Irishmen, Dalton and McKenna, who ran a mill in the vicinity.
50 Years Ago: 1951
Father Joseph Pineau led his volunteer parishioners in erecting a new St. Francis Xavier Church. The brick building on Spokane’s North Side was dedicated by Bishop Charles White.
Spokane: Coach Joey August, Jesuit Brother Peter Buskins, and managers Tony Vetre and Bill Plummer left with Gonzaga University’s boxing team for Lansing, Mich., to fight Michigan State in the National Boxing Champion Tournament.
25 Years Ago: 1976
Deer Park:
A new neighborhood center under the direction of Catholic Charities opened in the downtown area.
Spokane: Mary Sterling of St. Charles Parish won first place in the Bicentennial Northwest Youth Debate and will now compete in the national tournament in Sacramento, Calif.
Spokane: Knights of Columbus Girls’ Softball players Maria Bertis, Laura Pleas, Raeline Caferro, and Theresa Byrne all hit home runs for their schools in the CYM Softball League.
10 Years Ago: 1991
Father Bernard Schiller died after serving 48 years in the diocese in various parishes and with Catholic Charities. He was born in Walla Walla and received his master’s degree in social work in 1945.
Spokane: The Philomathea Club, the original Gonzaga Mothers’ Club, celebrated its 70th anniversary at the Jesuit House Chapel. The event was followed by a reception.
I work at the Diocesan Archives in the Catholic Pastoral Center in Spokane. I keep records, help with history research for families and parishes. The following are some of the answers I must give to the most asked questions:
1. No, I don’t know where your Great-Great-Great-Grandfather is buried.
2. Yes, I suppose that Sister might have stretched the truth when she said that that incident would be recorded on your permanent record.
3. Yes, I agree that that incident should not have been recorded on your permanent record.
4. No, I don’t think the pope will know where you were baptized.
5. You spell it “D-I-O-C-E-S-A-N A-R-C-H-I-V-E-S.”
6. No, I don’t know where your Great Aunt Gertrude was confirmed.
7. Sorry, but you need to be more specific than “every Catholic named Sullivan who passed through Spokane County between 1870-1930.”
8. The “Church of the Totally Awesome Holy Spirit” is not a Catholic church in this diocese.
9. You really don’t know where you were married?
10. No, I don’t have a big computer that lists every Catholic who ever lived in the world.

(Father Bradley is archivist for the Diocese of Spokane.)

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