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St. Thomas More students practice corporal works of mercy

the Inland Register

(From the July 5, 2001 edition of the Inland Register)

St. Thomas More students used the theme “Corporal Works of Mercy” to participate in a year of service to the community through a variety of unique projects. Each month, one of the seven Corporal Works of Mercy was highlighted and activities planned.

In September, clothes and needed items were collected for various places such as the House of Charity, Morning Star Boys Ranch, and Our Place. In addition to receiving items, the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery also gave a heartwarming presentation to students. Students in seventh grade visited the Shriners Hospital in October after gathering books and toys to distribute to children.

Feeding the Hungry was accomplished when students raised over $1,000 to provide turkeys and food items for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank and the parish community. During the month of January a pancake breakfast was held to support former student, Sheila Donovan, as she becomes a missionary of the other Teresa program in India. Sheila visited students and will be sending updates via e-mail.

Next, the sixth grade coordinated activities to assist St. Ann, St. Margaret, Senior Services, Wind River Retirement Community, Regency Nursing and other ministries. Babysitting, house cleaning, singing and delivering handmade favors were services provided by students. Some of these services will be continued into the next school year.

Students visited the imprisoned in two ways. Age-appropriate movies were shown to depict many different types of imprisonment (illness, age, race). Students also shared their Crazy Hat Parade, shamrocks and Easter favors with residents at Beverly’s, Fairwinds, The Academy and others. Sister Myrta Iturriaga, with Prison Ministries, gave a presentation about prison life. With the primary children she spoke about children and how prison life affects families. The older children heard additional details about prison ministry and Sister Myrta shared with all students the need for understanding and compassion for people in prison and their families.

The year ended with services centered around burying the dead. Second and fifth graders traveled to Greenwood Cemetery to clean and care for an open portion of the cemetery. All students walked to Holy Cross Cemetery May 25. They decorated small wooden crosses at school and brought them to place on the graves of loved ones. Also, many crosses were lovingly placed on graves of people unknown to students, leaving a reminder of their visit. Finally, butcher paper and crayons were taken to complete rubbings of gravestones. The colorful rubbings lined the walls of the school upon returning to school.

St. Thomas More students had a successful year of participating in real life service. They learned the meaning of loving unconditionally and serving willingly as Jesus did. In addition they experienced the joy of giving. The letters and cards of thanks remind everyone that children can, and do make a difference in the community.

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