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Vocations Awareness Month: God calls each of us to witness to the presence of the Almighty in our world, to serve our neighbor

by Bishop William S. Skylstad

(From the Oct. 4, 2001 edition of the Inland Register)

Our world today is marked by tremendous complexity and change. Technological development, mobility, communication, and globalization are just a few of the factors that impact our present situation. The terrorism in New York and in Washington D.C. has given an added dimension to this reality which we donít yet fully understand or comprehend. The downturn of the economy leaves many workers and corporations vulnerable as we try to adjust and live in a new reality. Perhaps more than ever we turn to our faith in God and to our Church to keep a sense of balance and perspective as we look to the future.

As we do so, each of us is called by God to give witness to the presence of the Almighty in our world and to serve our neighbor. Each of our vocations fit into the mosaic of humanity as we live and journey together in this life and as we approach the fullness of the kingdom of God. In a marvelous and mysterious way, God gives each person as a gift to this complex human family of ours. Some are called to marriage and family life. Others are called to be single. And still others are called to serve the Church as Sister, Brother, deacon, or priest.

Who of us will ever forget those images from New York City as we watched that tragic event unfold? Policemen, firemen, rescue workers, government officials, leaders of faith communities amongst many others worked together to address the catastrophe. There was as strong sense of solidarity, appreciation, and mutual support at a time of tremendous need.

The Catholic Church has its own complexity and mission, so dependent upon the participation and support of the laity. Priests, deacons, Sisters, and Religious Brothers also have left a tremendous legacy in the Church. Their very important ministry and service must continue.

Commitment to a vocation in life in a rapidly changing world is not easy. Yet, we as a family of faith must be sensitive and aware to this challenge. We need to be supportive and be in solidarity with those who have been called by God to a vocation in Religious life. The attitude of being non-supportive and non-appreciative of Religious vocations indicates a loss of a sense of mission of the Church and a loss of nerve and courage.

The mission of the Church in the modern world is an exciting venture. Together we look to the future with hope, trusting in Divine Providence, responding to a God who calls us all. May we respond generously and courageously.

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