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Annual PRIDE Ride boosts community bonds, relationships among Colville Tribe youth

the Inland Register

(From the Oct. 25, 2001 edition of the Inland Register)

For the fifth year, youth of the Colville Tribe took part in what has become an annual event, the “PRIDE Ride,” a five-day camp involving horses, rock climbing, canoeing, as well as trust and relationships.

The event is sponsored in part by Catholic Charities.

The ride takes place on Abrahamson Ranch on Moses Meadows, at the base of Moses Mountain, the highest peak on the Colville Reservation.

The camp is open only to youth of the Colville Tribe, age 8-13.

This year’s camp experience took place Wednesday-Sunday, Aug. 1-5.

This marked a departure from previous camps — the extended period came at the suggestion of previous participants.

Some 30 registered youth took part in basic horseback riding instruction and trail rides, training in belaying techniques and rock climbing, flat water canoeing, and basic archery.

Campers also participated in setting up and taking down the circular tent camp around a large central tepee.

Evening activities included a community-wide barbecue, several exhausting games of capture the flag, an outdoor movie, and plenty of informal time playing at the creek and sitting around the campfire. Craft activities were also available.

The Ride experience provided campers with a healthy recreational alternative to drug and alcohol abuse and a great opportunity to connect with concerned adults from the community.

Jesuit Volunteers played a large role in the success of this year’s ride.

According to JV Rebecca Feuerbach, “The PRIDE Ride was a wonderful opportunity for local children to come together and learn. They learned about challenging themselves to achieve things they didn’t think they could. Others made new friends from different regions around the area. It was very beneficial for the attendees, not to mention fun for the adults, too.”

JV Alex Dobbs said the Ride was “an excellent opportunity for young kids to come together and have a good time. The staff really encouraged the kids to do their best and to overcome any fears that they had going into the activity. It was encouraging to see the kids participate in something that didn’t involve drugs and alcohol.”

“The PRIDE Ride was an awesome experience for the Native youth in our area,” said Jesuit Volunteer Luanne Tunmore. “The activities were challenging to kids and great self-esteem boosters. The kids learned to trust themselves, trust each other, take responsibility for the outcome of their actions and work as a group. They spent the whole time outdoors, building new friendships over pancakes in the morning and around campfires at night. The experience promoted interracial connections, respect for the environment and lots of personal development.”

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