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(From the Nov. 15, 2001 edition of the Inland Register)

Archdiocese of Seattle
SEATTLE — The communications office of the Archdiocese of Seattle debuted a television show Oct. 27 called Northwest Catholic. Bill Gallant is communications office director and host of the program. The diocese hopes to reach “tens of thousands of Catholics we cannot reach through traditional means.” The program’s focus will be on everyday life, the moral and spiritual aspects of current events, in a “talk show/news magazine” format.
STANWOOD — A plaster statue of St. Joseph, thought to be nearly 100 years old, has finally found a home in St. Cecelia Church. It is thought to have started out at the Briscoe School for Boys in Kent, and lived in private homes until its current owners, Ben and Ruth Parker, heard that a search was being made for such a statue by Albert and Bette Remington. They wanted to put a St. Joseph statue in the church in memory of their son, Steve, who died at age 45 of multiple sclerosis. The statue was restored by parishioner Phil Williams.
— The Catholic Northwest Progress, Seattle
SEATTLE — Bishop Skylstad will be one of two keynote speakers at the Pax Christi Assembly scheduled Saturday, Nov. 24 ,at Our Lady of Mt. Virgin Church, 1531 Bradner Place. The title of the bishop’s 9:30 a.m. address is “Waters of Life: Heritage, Connectedness, Vision.” The assembly will feature themes of spirituality and protection of natural resources, and Native American spirituality, traditions, vision and wisdom. Bishop Skylstad was chairperson of the Pacific Northwest bishops’ pastoral letter on the Columbia River. The conference is free; freewill donations are accepted.

BOISE — Parishioners at St. John Cathedral responded overwhelmingly to a request from their St. Vincent de Paul council to serve a monthly meal to the people in the community who are homeless or in need of a nutritious meal. There were so many volunteers, organizers had trouble keeping track of them. The church serves about 150 people at the repast.
TWIN FALLS — Have trailer; will shower and travel. Men in the Cursillo movement built a portable shower trailer, complete with generator, that can be used at Cursillos or other retreats. Since few parishes have showers, the trailer will offer more flexibility in time and location for retreats. Requests to use the trailer began before it was even finished.
RUPERT — Wally Pride had the thought one time that there are few renderings of Jesus washing the Apostles’ feet. He is not an artist, and when he couldn’t get anyone to paint the scene for him, he painted it himself. The picture is titled “Do You Know What I Have Done For You?” A copy of the picture was given to the Cursillo leaders group and anyone who makes a $20 donation to the group’s shower-trailer project will get a copy.
— The Idaho Register, Boise

Archdiocese of Portland
BEAVERTON — At her 80th school reunion this year, Sister Mildred Wolf, 97, of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, received her high school diploma from the school where she taught and where she later served as principal. When her classmates graduated in 1921, Sister Mildred went right into the convent and never received her diploma.
BEAVERTON — Holy Trinity Church commissioned liturgical artist Greg Lewis to paint a set of the Stations of the Cross. This set will be different; the scenes will be from a Way of the Cross meditation developed by Pope John Paul II, who took the scenes directly from the Gospels. A new Holy Trinity Church will be dedicated Nov. 18 by Archbishop John Vlazny. The church hopes to have the new stations completed by next spring.
ST. BENEDICT — The Mount Angel Seminary choir and orchestra raised more than $20,000 in a concert to benefit the families of the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
BEND — More than 300 young people gathered for the annual Baker Diocese Day of the Son youth rally. Bishop Robert Vasa held a question-and-answer session with the teens; he was one of 17 presenters at the rally.
— The Catholic Sentinel, Portland

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