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Letters to the Editor

(From the July 31, 2003 edition of the Inland Register)

‘You are cordially invited’


It will soon be time to celebrate Assumption Day. I would expect the announcement for this day to read something like, “On Aug. 15, we will celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a Holy Day of Obligation.”

Would it not be more in the spirit of Vatican II to change the format to read something like, “Jesus is hosting a party on Aug. 15 to celebrate the anniversary of his mother’s Assumption to heaven. You are cordially invited to attend.”

Kenneth O. Lindblad, College Place, Wash.

Dressing for church


Perhaps it’s that many of us fail to realize just whom it is that we are visiting when we attend Mass and received the Blessed Sacrament. That would account for the many forms of dress we use when coming to Church.

If we were visiting the mayor, the governor, a member of Congress, or similar notable, how would we dress? In blue jeans, t-shirts and shorts? Of course not. We would not want to insult the dignity of the office of that person, so we would dress appropriately for the occasion.

Yet, when we are visiting the Creator of our universe, why do we dress so casually? No, we don’t have to wear formal gear, but why don’t we at least partially acknowledge just why we are attending Mass: to receive him in Communion?

In my elementary school at the Church of the Resurrection, back in the ‘’30s in Pittsburgh, Pa., we had a very strict pastor in Father Quinn. If a lady approached the altar wearing even a short-sleeved dress, Father Quinn would not allow her to receive Communion. The same held true for men who would dare to come to the altar in shorts or other inappropriate attire.

Ask yourself a question: If you were fortunate enough to have an appointment with the pope, wouldn’t you make certain that you were not just casually attired? Or you were attending a very formal function, would you not dress for the occasion?

So why, when visiting the home of your Creator, don’t you show him the same, proper respect?

It’s probably something that hadn’t occurred to you, but you still have time to show him the respect due him, in your future visits.

Andy Kelly, Spokane

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