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Letters to the Editor

(From the Aug. 21, 2003 edition of the Inland Register)

Saddened by removal


I was saddened to read about the removal of a brother deacon serving in the northwest part of our diocese (“Bishop removes Brewster, Twisp deacon from ministry,” IR 7/31/03). I know the individual well; he has been an asset to the Church and the community. He is a good deacon serving the whole diocese in his ministry, but most of all he served God’s people well.

I was glad that the Church allowed the experts to investigate the matter (the Police Department and the Child Protective Services, which found no criminal act had taken place). I know nothing of the particulars of what went on, but we should always be aware that inappropriate conduct though not criminal, still can and should be used as a reason for removal from office.

This should be a wake-up call to all who serve the Church, both staff and volunteers, not to put themselves in situations that they could be accused (rightly or wrongly). This is extremely difficult, just from the type of business we are in and the importance of confidentiality, but we must strive to do the best to protect not only ourselves, but also the Church. Most importantly, we must not allow ourselves to be in a position that we could be tempted to victimize another person.

We live in a complicated world; these are unusual times that require unusual measures. I pray for my brother deacon and wish him much peace, peace that only can come from Christ.

Deacon James Blaine, Post Falls, Idaho

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