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Letters to the Editor

(From the Sept. 11, 2003 edition of the Inland Register)

Same-sex unions


I am writing in response to your article about the Vatican’s 12-page document on same-sex unions as well as the “violence against children” done by gay couples who raise children in their home (“Vatican document terms same-sex unions ‘harmful to society,’” IR 8/21/03). What a thing to write. It is my opinion that couples get married because they love each other and want a ceremony where they promise in front of God that they will love and honor each other until separated by death. They don’t marry specifically to have children, anymore. I think the cave people did. But if we humans look around, we’ve pretty well over-populated this earth.

I am a homosexual. I believe that my Father in heaven created me this way. Trust me, if I could be heterosexual, walking through life would be one step easier.

I am also a member of a parish. I was reluctant to even set foot in the church, at first, but there was such a warm and loving acceptance of me as a person from my fellow parishioners that I felt I had found a “faith-family.” My community is small, so I think most people knew about me.

It saddens me that the administrative head of my church believes that I am immoral. I know what immorality is. Some gay people are immoral. Some straight people are immoral. Most are not.

Most have a healthy concept of what it is to love someone. I didn’t have a formal union ceremony when I made a promise to my partner that I would love and honor her until death» but I did do it in front of God. God knows I love her, and have for the past 28 years.

We have been foster parents. My faith-family saw us bring children to church. Our priest had us stand up on Mother’s day because he included foster-mothers. We loved our foster child, and I continue to pray for him. Now, that was a boy who had violence done to him, but not by us. I doubt that the Vatican did any interviewing of children from gay homes to measure just how “developmentally delayed” they became. I wondered if they feel that way about single parent homes where the other gender isn’t around. Some of my gay friends have children. They are good kids that are coming from moral homes.

The article said, “such unions are harmful to the proper development of human society, especially if their impact on society were to increase.” Nope. Homosexual people have been having unions, we will continue to have unions, and it will never be harmful to a society. Genetically, we have always been a part of society. We are just noticed more now. The article said our behavior was “contrary to human nature.” We are a part of the human race. Being homosexual is a part of my nature. When God created me, he/she wasn’t joking.

I have never written a letter of this nature before, but I felt that I could no longer keep still. To be Catholic is first to be a Christian. I don’t feel the Vatican’s document is Christ-like.

Name withheld

More about church attire


I want to give kudos to Andy Kelly of Spokane for his letter “Dressing for church” (“Letters to the Editor,” IR 7/31/03). This concern has been long overdue. I wrote a similar letter about a year and a half ago to a higher person but it was swept under the rug. Many persons have expressed their feelings with regard to the dressing but they are afraid to raise their opinions publicly. What has happened to our sense of pride and of respect to Our Lord? Some women wear shorts that are shameful. It shames other women.

It seems that for one hour a week they, both men and women, can get on a dress or slacks. It doesn’t take much time to change from shorts to a dress or slacks. But apparently no one reads the “Letters to the Editor” page in the Inland Register because they are still being disrespectful to Our Lord and other parishioners.

When I asked about a dress code, I was told there was none. The excuse was, “at least they are going to church,” which in my opinion is a very lame excuse. If they can’t respect the house of Our Lord for themselves and for others, they are hypocrites.

Rose J. Aeck, Spokane

Cover photos


I wonder why the Inland Register’s cover photo subjects never pertain to the Spokane diocese or local topics? Surely there is countless material available in our own area that would make suitable cover pictures. Of what possible interest is there for 99 percent of the diocese’s Inland Register readers in seeing a photo depicting a congregation in Greendale, Wis.? (IR 8/21/03) Why not devote the covers to our own diocese?

Elaine Bartlett, Spokane

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