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Letters to the Editor

(From the Oct. 2, 2003 edition of the Inland Register)

On matters various and editorial


Thank you, Rose J. Aeck! (“Letters,” IR 9/11/03). I fully agree with you. But when the highest authority in the Church permits this present deportment in Church, who will be brave enough to demand some honor and respect to God?

Poor “Name Withheld” (in the same issue). She is simply a product of Vatican Council II. Having ignored all the warnings and anathemas issued by the popes prior to John XXIII, and issuing rot like “Always Our Children” (from the United States Catholic bishops) can we really blame “Name Withheld”?

Study the teachings and writings of the popes before John XXIII, and then stack them up against all the new doctrines handed to us since Pope Pius XII, and then try to convince me that we still have one and the same Roman Catholic Church.

Gus Uhlenkott, Colton, Wash.

Same-sex relationships


I wish to comment on the letter on same-sex unions (“Letters to the Editor,” IR 9/11/03). If possible I would wish that the person who wrote the letter will read my response.

Our Father who art in heaven didn’t make people so that they would have homosexual tendencies. Reason, Holy Scriptures, and history of the Church can and will show that homosexual acts are indeed wrong.

People having a homosexual relationship while raising a child can very easily corrupt a child’s mind that they are raising.

I want also to state that I do have friends who are homosexual even though I am against the act. I do not want to be accused of being homophobic or of gay bashing.

I will start with reason. To procreate there has to be a male and a female. Negatives are attracted to positives, as they repel the same of their own. For almost everything in this world you have to have both male and female.

Next is the history of the Church. Since the very beginning of our Church’s existence, the Church has declared homosexual activity and tendencies are wrong and sinful. I can find eight passages out of the holy Scriptures that prove that homosexual activity is wrong (Genesis 1:27, 2:21-24, 19; Leviti-cus 18:22; Romans 1:27; First Cor-inthians 6:9; and also First Timothy 1:9-10). These passages talk about the wrongs of homosexual activity.

If a child grows up thinking that this sinful act is okay then what else will he begin to think is also okay? What kind of faith will this child have?

Daniel K. Caulkins, Walla Walla, Wash.

Lay ministry


I am responding to the recent article about the new provincial of the Jesuits, Father Whitney, and his belief that the decrease in priestly vocations “may be a gift of God to the Jesuit ministry, and to the church as a whole” This (“Jesuits’ Oregon provincial: ‘I find great life in my faith, great joy,’” IR 5/1/03).

I am encouraged that so many lay people are already taking part in church ministries -liturgy, child and adult education, various councils, hospitality at church activities, and so forth. Bishop Skylstad said it well in his article on volunteers (“From the Bishop: Volunteers,” IR 8/21/03) in which he “expresses his profound gratitude and appreciation for so many who use their gifts so well and so willingly.”

Perhaps what Father Whitney is promoting is not just enhancing existing lay ministries, but stepping beyond-to develop the new emerging lay ministries, e.g. evangelization, or exploring areas of service untouched, or even unknown.

I have been wondering how more of us laity are going to discover our spiritual gifts and how to develop and apply them. I suppose there are many ways to do this, and some are going on that I know nothing about. I would like to suggest one possible process, the “Called and Gifted Workshop.” This is an initative

• developed by the western province of the Dominican Order
• taught by the Catherine of Siena Institute (http://www.
• endorsed by Cardinal Staf-ford, Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Their goal is to equip Catholics to explore their unique personal call from God, and to discover the gifts God has given them for the sake of others ... and to live their apostolic call wherever it might take them.

Kenneth Lindblad, College Place, Wash.

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