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Editorial: The importance of nine months

by Deacon Eric Meisfjord, Editor, Inland Register

(From the Feb. 5, 2004 edition of the Inland Register)

Thereís a strong suspicion that this election year will be similar to past editions: starting out politely, then quickly deteriorating into innuendo, suggestion, and downbright lies. Like so many causes that attract passionate commitment, adherents can mistakenly believe that the end will justify the means.

Thatís not true, of course. In public life and private, integrity is still a requirement. Honesty as well as commitment. Truth alongside dedication.

Letís face it: At one point or another, on one side or another, someone somewhere in the process is going to lie to us.

We have a responsibility, then, to pay attention. Itís not a matter of being cruelly suspicious, but it is a matter of being a responsible voter. Being a responsible voter means being informed. And that means studying, and learning, and understanding.

And then voting.

The U.S. bishops urge us to be political animals: be informed of the churchís positions; be informed on candidatesí positions on the issues; making an informed, conscientious choice.

Read. Study. Learn. There are still nine months before the presidential election in November. Time enough to grow a human being from conception to birth. Time enough to ask hard questions of ourselves and those who propose to shape our national destiny for the next four years. Time enough to become responsible Catholic citizens. Who resolve to cast informed, conscience-driven votes.

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