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Children take a break while learning about their faith at Vacation Bible School

by Jami LeBrun, Inland Register staff

(From the June 10, 2004 edition of the Inland Register)

Summer vacation is knocking on the door and it’s time to find some activities for rambunctious children. Fortunately, many parishes in the Spokane Diocese are offering Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the early weeks of summer. VBS is the perfect opportunity for lively and active children to work off some of their energy and spend time in the company of other kids hearing God’s word in a format designed specifically to meet their learning needs.

This summer the diocese’s Parish Services Office is recommending two different programs for parishes to use: “Lava Lava Island, Where Jesus’ Love Flows,” produced by Harcourt Religion Publishers, and “SonGames 2004 – God’s Team in Action,” by Liguori Publications.

The Lava Lava Island program divides children into mixed age groups, called Island Crews. Children travel in their crews throughout the day to seven different stations.

Each station is staffed by and adult leader and incorporates the “Bible Point of the Day” through Scripture stories and verses, songs, a “Catholic Connection to the Catechism,” and hands-on activities that help kids know more about Jesus’ love. The stations are designed to meet the needs of all kinds of learners so each child comes away each day actually remembering the Bible Point.

Stations include the Sing and Play Bay, Crater Crafts, Chadder’s Island Adventure Theater, Tropical Treats, Jungle Gym Games, Hot Bible Adventures, and Lava Lava Luau.

Younger children have a special place at Lava Lava Island, too. Preschoolers join the older children for opening and closing activities each day, and in between they enjoy age-appropriate Scripture learning activities in Coco’s Preschool Playhouse.

SonGames 2004 helps kids discover the joy of being on God’s team by meeting one of God’s most valuable players, Paul. Through his adventures, they learn what it means to be a member of God’s team. Kids get to play outdoor silly sports, design team flags and pins, make crafts, sing songs, perform skits and learn about five Olympic medalists who had Jesus as a coach.

Through SonGames 2004 kids learn the value of being on God’s team and how important it is to have teamwork among believers. The theme verse of SonGames 2004, from 1 Corinthians, is incorporated throughout the week: “Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Some parishes have chosen to use one of these two programs, while other have created their own themes or are working in conjunction with other churches in their community and using other programs. The following is a list of parishes in the diocese planning a VBS, as well as the theme for their program and specifics about dates, times and places.

St. Peter and Our Lady of Fatima Parishes, Spokane
Theme: Lava Lava Island
Date/Time: June 28 – July 2, 9 a.m. – noon
Ages: 4 – 12 yrs.
Where: St. Peter
Cost: $25/child; scholarships available
Contact: Brenda Senger (509) 534-2227

St. Thomas More, St. Charles and Assumption parishes, Spokane
Theme: SonGames 2004
Date/Time: July 12-16, 9 a.m. – noon
Ages: Kindergarten – 6th grade
Where: St. Thomas More
Cost: $15/child, $30 limit/family
Contact: Kate Bradley (St. Thomas More) (509) 466-0220; Eurana Wood (Assumption) (509) 326-0144; Heidi Honnor (St. Charles) (509) 327-9573

St. Francis Xavier and St. Patrick parishes, Spokane
Theme: Lava Lava Island Vacation Bible School
Date/Time: Aug. 2-6, 9 a.m. - noon
Ages: 4 years old – those entering 6th grade
Where: St. Francis Xavier, 3715 N. Standard
Cost: None
Contact: Judy Leach (509) 325-3263

St. Joseph Parish, Colbert
Theme: Lava Lava Island Vacation Bible School
Date/Time: June 21-25, 9 a.m. – noon
Cost: $15/child
Contact: Sue Kerschen (509) 464-2984
Immaculate Conception Parish, Colville
Theme: SonGames 2004, ecumenical program
Date/Time: 9 a.m. – noon
Ages: Preschool-6th grade
Where: United Methodist, 930 S. Elm
Cost: No cost, donations accepted
Contact: Delores Cline (509) 684-6223 or Diane Smith (509) 684-4441

Sacred Heart Parish, Pullman
Theme: It’s All About You, Jesus!, ecumenical program
Date/Time: June 14-18
Ages: 4 yrs by Aug. 31 – current 5th grade graduates
Where: Trinity Lutheran Church
Cost: $5/child, max $10/family
Contact: Theresa Paul (509) 332-4402

St. Rose of Lima Parish, Cheney
Theme: It’s All About You, Jesus!, ecumenical program
Date/Time: July 5-9, 9:15 – noon Preschool, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 1st – 5th
Ages: 3yrs. – 5th grade
Where: Preschool at St. Rose, Grade school at Emmanual Lutheran
Cost: Grades 1-5: $15, Preschool, $8
Contact: Meggan Manlove (509) 235-6300

St. Joseph Parish, Otis Orchards
Theme: SonGames 2004
Date/Time: June 21-24, 9-noon, Monday – Wednesday; 9-11, Thursday, family potluck Thursday evening
Ages: 4yrs-5th grade
Where: St. Joseph
Cost: $15 first child, $10 second, $5 for any additional
Contact: Theresa McCann (509) 926-7133

St. Anne Parish, Medical Lake
Theme: Creation
Date/Time: June 21-25, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Ages: K-6th grade
Where: St. Anne
Cost: None
Contact: Teri Spracklen (509) 299-6281

St. Mary Parish, Spokane Valley
Theme: Davey and Goliath Camp Creation, ecumenical program
Date/Time: June 21-25, 9 a.m. – noon
Ages: K-5th grade
Where: St. Mary
Cost: Suggested donation: $15 first child, $10 second, $5 each additional
Contact: Dona Mohr (509) 928-3210

Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, Spokane
Theme: To be determined
Date/Time: July 12-16, 9 a.m. – noon
Ages: 4-12 yrs.
Where: Cathedral
Cost: None
Contact: Carol Pelo (509) 358-4293

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