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Catholic Conference keynoter brings broad communications experience to presentations

by Jami LeBrun, Inland Register staff

(From the Oct. 21, 2004 edition of the Inland Register)

The keynote address at the Oct. 30 Catholic Conference will be delivered by Sister Angela Ann Zukowski, a member of the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart Religious community. Sister Angela Ann is a professor in the religious studies department at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio and is the Director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives at the University of Dayton.

Her keynote address is titled “Communicating Faith in the Media Culture,” and will address ways to utilize the many communication tools available in this modern age to best communicate the faith.

“I just believe so much that in the Church we have not come to understand the depth and breadth of communications,” said Sister Angela Ann. “It’s a weak link.”

She plans to talk about how Catholics can use the media and communications to more effectively communication the faith through a variety of ways. She hopes to “animate and stimulate” her listeners and make them aware of the many wonderful resources available, as well as encourage them to nurture very valuable communication skills.

“I want to present a kaleidoscope image of the meaning of communication in the Church,” she said.

Sister Angela Ann will also present two workshops at the Catholic Conference. In “Dialogue: A New Way of Being Church,” she will discuss the basic principles for nurturing dialogic skills and for being an inclusive, dynamic parish, school or Church today.

The “Power of Images and Dialogue for Faith Formation” will present ideas of how to use film in faith formation environments.

Sisters Angela Ann will model that workshop on a class she teaches at the University of Dayton, titled “Film and Spirituality.” She will explain how film has the power to stimulate the religious imagination and open doors for conversations concerning faith and values. She will also present ideas for integrating film into sessions with adolescents, young adults, or adults.

“Films open a portal in a contemporary environment, whereby we can introduce religious themes in a contemporary environment, whereby we can talk about our religious faith in the context of these themes,” said Sister Angela Ann.

Sister Angela Ann said she looks forward to coming to Spokane and hopes to “share some ideas and to learn something, as well.”

“All of us should be great communicators and know how to communicate. Then the Gospel can truly be evangelized,” she said.

Sister Angela Ann has spent 34 years in communications. She started out in cable television in 1970 and developed the very first Catholic cable studio in the United States. She continued to work in television and radio broadcasting, even creating a Saturday hard rock program for young adults in the 1970s.

In 1978 she was invited to the University of Dayton to direct the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, a program that utilizes all forms of communication to help ministers in the United States continue their education and address problems they face in their ministries. She has since directed programs on the Catholic Television Network, designed teleconferences for Catholic school teachers, served as the Vice President and International President for the International World Board for Catholic Communications and the United States Catholic communications network.

The Vatican has also utilized her expertise in their own communication endeavors.

Registration for the Catholic Conference is available online as well; visit the diocese’s web site,, click on What’s New, and then on “Catholic Conference October 30, 2004.” Information also is available by calling the Parish Services Office: 358-7311.

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