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the Inland Register

(From the Dec. 2, 2004 edition of the Inland Register)

Archdiocese of Seattle

BELLEVUE – About 1,300 teens from throughout the Northwest drew inspiration from an MTV star during the November Youth Convention at Bellevue Community College. Matt Smith, who has appeared on two MTV reality shows, encouraged the conventioneers by saying that the love of Jesus can overcome life’s challenges, including the criticism that Catholic teens may encounter.

Smith, 25, is national spokesman for Teen Life, a movement to promote commitment to Jesus’ teachings including loyalty to sound moral values. He was a contestant on MTV’s Real World New Orleans last year and is Webmaster of Teen Life’s interactive website, Smith spoke on the topic “Keeping Your Head on Straight.” It includes being sexually chaste and sober and gaining inspiration to overcome life’s challenges through devotion to a Christ-like life.

SEATTLE – Early in November third grader Max Hanson of St. Anne School in Seattle and his family climbed aboard the Seattle Sonics’ private jet to accompany the team to its game against the Denver Nuggets – the fulfillment of his wish to travel with a local professional team for one of its away games.

The trip came courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to youngsters facing life-threatening medical conditions, most commonly leukemia and other forms of cancer.

In Hanson’s case, the condition is a brain tumor, which he has been battling with surgery and chemotherapy since being diagnosed with medullablastoma last February.

His father, Eric Hanson, said the physical and mental strengths that have helped his son develop into a promising athlete no doubt have helped him through the medical treatment.

“He loves sports, and basketball’s been his favorite,” said his father. “He had a very successful surgery; he’s at one of the premiere facilities in the country and in the world for treating this kind of stuff, and his surgeon…is one of the best in the world.”

– The Catholic Progress, Seattle

Diocese of Boise

POCATELLO – Holy Spirit Catholic School students enjoyed a half day off as a reward for positive behavior on Friday, Oct. 1 at Bartz Field, Pocatello.

The school has a positive reinforcement discipline program in which teachers and staff “catch” the students doing something positive and reward them with a Spirit Ticket. The kinds of actions that are rewarded might be picking up trash on the playground, helping a fellow student, standing quietly in line, and not speaking out of turn.

The students are issued a bad discipline ticket, called a Blue Ticket, if they are involved with aggressive, disrespectful, or disobedient behavior. If at the end of the month the students have not received any Blue Tickets, they are rewarded with a Pay Off Day. The September Pay Off Day was ice blocking at Bartz Field. Students slid down a grassy slope on a block of ice.

Principal Stephen Anderson said the discipline program is “working very well..”

“In fact, since we have implemented the program, we are issued fewer and fewer Blue Tickets each year,” she said.

– Idaho Catholic Register, Boise

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