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Girls club designs, distributes brochure on modesty

by Jami LeBrun, Inland Register staff

(From the March 17, 2005 edition of the Inland Register)

The LILAC Girls, an all-girls club associated with Mary Queen Parish in Spokane, has taken evangelization to a new and different level.

The girls, with the help of some of their mothers and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, created a brochure about modesty and dignity, and have committed to dispersing the brochure to their friends and classmates.

The brochure reminds men and women that modesty extends far beyond simply the clothing styles one chooses to wear. Modesty actually encompasses all the senses – sight, ears, speech and body.

The brochure provides a healthy look at purity, reminding readers that “Purity is one of God’s great gifts to the youth. Christ suffered everything to purify us. Modesty is a way we can guard the purity given to us by God.” The brochure explains that modesty must begin from the inside out – that a transformation must occur, not just in the way one dresses, but in every aspect of life.

The girls explained that the brochure is important because it addresses the need to “fit in” and “belong” that all human beings experience. Rather than choosing to wear certain clothes, watch certain shows and movies and say inappropriate things in an attempt to find belonging, the brochure offers another alternative.

“Modesty and purity redirect this sense of needing to belong to a group, to belonging in Christ,” said Dana Manino, one of the authors of the brochure.

Though the brochure is directed to youth, both the girls in the club and their parents believe it is a valuable tool for parents, as well.

“Parents are so hungry for a new way to present modesty,” said Marie Duchow, the mother of two of the girls in the club. “This is an excellent venue for them to be able to do that.”

LILAC stands for Living Inspiring Lives Always for Christ. The 15 high school and junior-high-aged girls involved in the club have made evangelization part of their mission. The club is limited to girls because the parents and youth who founded it have discovered that mingling the sexes allows for too many distractions.

“The club gives girls a place to make their relationship with Jesus real, personal and active,” said Manino, who is one of the original members of the club. “It’s about making girls so confident that Jesus loves them and that they belong with him, so they won’t go looking other places.”

The mission of the club is to form girls so that they can more effectively live and follow their calling by Christ to be saints. Their formation model includes four integral pieces – spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic.

The brochure is one part of their commitment to apostolic formation, but it does not just stop with there. The LILAC girls also host an annual retreat at the Mary Queen Parish Hall. This year, the retreat is on Saturday, April 30, with the theme “Wake Up! See the Glory. Know It. Love It. Live It.” All girls, ages 10 to 17 are welcome to come.

The retreat is planned by the LILAC girls and includes talks, skits, prayer and social activities.

For more information about the LILAC Girls Club, their annual retreat, or to order a brochure on modesty, call (509) 443-0671.

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