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Glad to be Catholic

the Inland Register

(From the Nov. 10, 2005 edition of the Inland Register)

I am a convert to the Catholic Church from the age of 35. But I had an encounter as a child that presaged that happening.

I wasn’t raised in a religion, but when I was 7 years old we lived in South Park, a neighborhood of Seattle. There was a high hill near our house with a long staircase leading up it. On top of the hill was a church.

One day I decided to go up there to see what that was all about. When I got to the church, it was closed, so I walked around it. In the back was a beautiful garden with a grotto that had the statue of a beautiful lady. All around the garden there were little booths with kneelers in them where one could kneel and pray. I did kneel but didn’t know any prayers to say; but a special feeling arose in me and I stayed there for some time. Then I went back down the hill. Almost 30 years later, after many detours, I joined the church and it felt like home.

– Dorothy Carter, Spokane

Each year Catholic Charities organizes the Bishop’s Poor Man’s Meal to benefit the House of Charity Winter Sleeping Program. Centerpieces for the Oct. 1 meal were decorated pumpkins and prayer cards made by third graders at Spokane’s Cataldo School. These prayers from the children make us glad to be Catholic:

Dear Jesus, give food to the hungry and clothes to those without. – Eli

Dear God, Help the homeless. Please give them a home. Also give them some money and food. Most of all find the homeless kids’ parents. God bless all the homeless! – Lindsey

Dear God, Bless the homeless people by giving food to them. Give them some more clothes and other things. Amen. – Barrett

To God, Please help the House of Charity by giving them food and water and toys and clothes. Thank you. Amen. – Sydney

– Loreen McFaul (Development Director)and
Karen Orlando (Special Event and Volunteer Coordinator)
Catholic Charities, Spokane

Being a “cradle” Catholic, my faith has always been very important to me. I attended a Catholic grade school, taught by Holy Names Sisters. There was no Catholic high school, but I attended CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes) and was active in CYO (Catholic Youth Organization). When it came time to choose a profession, I chose nursing and Sacred Heart School of Nursing, where faith was an integral part of the curriculum. I was fortunate to marry a Catholic man and settle in a community where there was a parochial school, which our five children attended. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in school and parish activities and my greatest joy now is daily Mass and being a Eucharistic Minister, especially bringing Jesus to the sick and elderly. I believe that Catholicism is the one, true faith – so very rich in tradition and symbolism – and has the most opportunities for grace. A strong faith has sustained me in many trials. My advice to young people – or anyone – would be to persevere in your faith whatever the circumstances.

I feel proud … happy … glad … and blessed to be a Catholic!

— Mary Druffel, St. Gall Parish, Colton, Wash.

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