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the Inland Register

(From the Dec. 15, 2005 edition of the Inland Register)

Diocese of Yakima

KENNEWICK – Norma McCorvey, the woman who was Jane Roe in the Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade, will be speaking at a March pro-life conference to be held at St. Joseph Church, Kennewick, sponsored by the Kennewick Knights of Columbus. The conference is scheduled to begin March 18, Saturday, at noon.

Also speaking at the conference will be Camille DeBlassi of the Life Principles organization.

For more information, call (509) 845-0306, or e-mail

Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

BILLINGS – In his December message to the Catholics of Eastern Montana, Bishop Anthony M. Milone wrote, “Although we have such human suffering and tragedies that we bring to each other by war, hatred, envy, lust, greed and many other causes we each could name, the Christmas event still offers us hope, a light in the darkness, that we not despair or drift further into the darkness. We are offered once again the opportunity to open our hearts to the invitation of the Prince of Peace to turn repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness and solidarity. That is, solidarity with God and with each other, especially those in need. Through the Church, Christ offers us forgiveness of sins, Mass, sacraments, his Holy Word, each other, and much more.

“It is my prayer that you will not deprive yourselves or your families of these blessings of Christmas. May Jesus’ Mother, our Mother, intercede for us.”

— The Harvest

Archdiocese of Portland

MOUNT ANGEL – Some abbeys sell fruitcake. Some Religious orders vend fudge.

The Benedictine Sisters of Queen of Angels Monastery, Mount Angel, have gone with what might be a slightly more healthy alternative in gift foods: four different spicy flavors of mustard. In addition to horseradish, garlic, honey, and honey garlic, a fifth, jalapeño, is being test-marketed.

The mustards are available in shops throughout the Willamette Valley, if you should find yourself shopping in Western Oregon, or by mail order; for information, call (503) 845-6535.

PORTLAND – Marion Hite is a long-time protester against abortion. He has spent time in front of Portland’s Lovejoy Surgicenter Monday-Saturday for some 30 years.

This month, he turns 100.

He holds a sign expressing his views. One day, several years ago, someone tried to wrest his sign away from him. Clinic staff rushed to his help and told the woman to leave him alone. He doesn’t hurt anyone, they explained.

He has been arrested five times over the years. His protests once netted him a month in jail.

Most days, he sits, undisturbed, reading Catholic devotions, giving kind but not overly zealous waves to children and parents who happen by. For single women on their way inside the clinic, he has a yearning smile. Lovejoy accounts for about one-third of Oregon’s abortions each year.

Does Hite have an effect?

At least once, yes. A few years ago, a woman approached him, crying. Nine years before she was walking in to have an abortion, saw his sign, and changed her mind. She returned to tell him how happy she was to be the mother of a nine-year-old girl.

— Catholic Sentinel

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