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Catholic Charities exceeds 2005 Christmas Collection goal

the Inland Register

(From the Jan. 12, 2006 edition of the Inland Register)

Catholic Charities, Spokane is thrilled to announce that it has exceeded its 2005 Christmas Collection goal of $675,000.

As of Jan. 5, the total received by the Christmas Collection is $681,000.

The figure represents the highest amount contributed in the 64-year history of the Christmas Collection.

According to Rob McCann, Catholic Charities’ Executive Director, the community’s response indicates that “Donors have shown strong support for our programs and the work we do to serve the poor and marginalized in Eastern Washington. Catholics in the Diocese of Spokane continue to be supportive of the mission of Church.”

The agency received $307,000 between Dec. 22-Jan. 5. The response is “a testament to the generosity of the community of Eastern Washington as they exemplify the true miracle of Christmas,” said McCann.

“What began with a slow start has been transformed into an incredible demonstration of the power of faith,” he said. “Each year we have faith that the Christmas Collection will raise all the private funds we will need for the next year. This year, our faith has once again been confirmed.”

He assures donors that they should continue to feel confident that their donations will go directly and only to services for the vulnerable in the region. The need for those services grows each yea. The Christmas Collection gifts are not only deeply appreciated, but essential to the work of Catholic Charities in the 13 counties of Eastern Washington.

The new year of 2006 is likely to be a highly eventful for Catholic Charities.

According to McCann, primary goals include:

• Continuing the mission of St. Anne Children and Family Center by providing affordable, high-quality childcare for the community;
• Working with the Catholic Charities USA Network to provide relief assistance and resettlement for those affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita;
• Collaborate on work projects supported by Charities’ partnerships with parishes;
• Begin construction of new farmworker housing complex in Pasco; and
• Collaborate with downtown business leaders in support of those served by the House of Charity and St. Margaret Shelter.

McCann took over as head of Catholic Charities last year upon the death of Donna Hanson, long-time director of the agency as well as Bishop’s Secretary for Social Ministries. He is being formally installed as Catholic Charities’ new Executive Director during a ceremony Thursday, Jan. 12, at the House of Charity in downtown Spokane.

“The spirit and energy Donna Hanson has built in this agency is going to continue in a special way in the coming year,” said McCann. “We will continue to move toward programs and projects that have high quality and high accountability. I’ve been blessed to be mentored for six years by the best. Everything Donna taught me in those six years will be the cornerstone of my own leadership style. Our core values of respect, compassion, collaboration and justice will remain our foundation. With public funding for social services continuing to shrink throughout the United States, Catholic Charities will have a special mandate to find innovative ways to fund the essential work we do.

“We intend to continue to make the Catholic Church in Eastern Washington proud of the work we do on behalf of all God’s people,” he said.

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