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(From the Jan. 12, 2006 edition of the Inland Register)

Regarding Letters to the Editor

The Inland Register welcomes letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 500 words. Letters must be signed, with address and phone number for contact, but names will be withheld upon request. Remember to be charitable.

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Quiet prayer, please


I want to write about the hunger and need for time to pray in the Church. We have that at Mass. I am writing for many people.

When some come to Mass they want to spend the short time they have to be there for quiet prayer before and after Eucharist. Perhaps people surely don’t realize when they gather inside the church, it disturbs our prayer time.

So many are blessed to get to be there with sickness at home, work schedules required to meet their family’s needs. People preparing the altar with noise from the sacristy disturbs that time. We just wanted to ask if we can remember one another in our needs – don’t make the Lord’s consecrated house a loud social club.

“My house will be called a house of prayer.”

Barbara Bernadette Piercy, Spokane

Lawyers aren’t God


I agree with Dorothy Carter’s letter (IR 12/15/05).

The church is not just for the bishops and the clergy. It is the Body of Christ and we are all a part of the body.

The victims of clerical sexual abuse are young men in the most part, not little children. The clerics that have been accused of abusing children have been properly disciplined and they are remorseful for what they have done. The clerics accused could be victims themselves because they were not taught how to have a healthy sexuality. When you have an unhealthy clergy, you have an unhealthy priesthood. Sexual problems are going to bring out the worst in people.

We need to rally around the bishop and protect what your forefathers brought forth in the Pacific Northwest, because a judge is trying to ruin the church.

It is sad that the lawyers are getting rich off this scandal, because there are no winners here. The only thing that a scandal brings to the people is losers.

The best answer to the problem is to counsel the victims and use the civil law to prosecute these men or women for the damage they have done. As a priest told me once, “Be merciful, be merciful as the Father is merciful. Don’t let the lawyers be God.”

Robert J. Suszka, Wellpinit, Wash.

Please help DYC


An open letter to the parishioners of the Diocese of Spokane:

“Then I said to them, you see the trouble we are in: how Jerusalem lies in ruins with its gates burned. Come, let us rebuild the walls of Jerusalem so that we no longer suffer disgrace” (Nehemiah 2:17).

As you are aware, the Spokane Catholic Diocese is undergoing some drastic financial changes. This means that many of the charitable and evangelical activities once supported by the diocese have been cut, due to a lack of funding.

Many in the diocese are being called to carry on. Our call is to rebuild our church, to strengthen from within, by nurturing the growth of our Catholic youth.

After 25 years in existence, the Catholic Youth Celebration (CYC) has lost diocesan funding. In years past, thousands of youth and adults have had the opportunity of attending this three-day event. CYC runs Friday to Sunday at the end of every March. The event is planned and carried out by approximately 20 high school youth from across the diocese, and several dedicated adult volunteers. Our call this year is to continue an event that means so much to so many.

The theme the youth have chosen for CYC 2006 is TnT – Today and Tomorrow: “With all the problems in our world today, Catholics need an explosion of youth to transform the Church of tomorrow. We are the youth of today’s Church exploding into tomorrow’s Church with God at our side.” The enthusiasm and dedication give hope to those of us involved in the planning and facilitation of CYC 2006.

Our request from individuals in the community is: support. The DYC, the youth planning the weekend, is in desperate need of financial assistance for the planning meetings and to run the event. Catholic Youth Celebrations require a large amount of capital to carry out effectively: keynote speakers, workshop leaders, building space, and food are just a few of the expenses. All financial donations made by individuals and companies will be viewed as event sponsorships and directly assist with the CYC. Sponsor names and logos, if applicable, will be listed in all programs. Major sponsors will also be included on the back of our CYC T-shirts and all promotional materials if desired.

Please reflect prayerfully on the situation at hand. The youth of our diocese are our future. With events such as CYC we can continue to teach our children of God’s love and compassion.

Please send donations to: Jackie Keyes, Director of Youth Ministry, St. Patrick Church, 1320 W. Henry St., Pasco, WA 99301. Please make checks payable to: Spokane Diocesan Youth Council.

Thank you for your support and continued love for Christ. The Spokane Diocese will pull through this cleansing process and be better for it. We will rebuild the walls of Jerusalem to suffer no more disgrace!

Facilitators: Jackie Keyes, Pasco, Wash., and Deacon Kelly Stewart, Spokane
Adult Volunteers: Jessica Henderson, Michael Scheel, and Dan Neihenke
Diocesan Youth Council: Robert Ashe, Ramona Bautista, Justin Boulds, Andy and Beth Breshears, Marcus Budig, Mark Burgard, Megan Butler, Jacob Moore, Nick Moreno, Andrea Paul, Cassandra Ricco, and Pablo Monroy

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