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Glad to Be Catholic

(From the Feb. 2, 2006 edition of the Inland Register)

I am thankful for my Catholic Faith, which is a gift of God, nurtured by my parents and reinforced by my education with nuns and the Jesuit Fathers. This Catholic Church is the one and the same mentioned in the Bible (Timothy 3:14-15) where St. Paul says, “The Church is the pillar and bulwark of the truth.”

Only the Catholic Church claims to be the one and only Church founded by Christ.

Only the Catholic Church is truly universal, for al people of all Christian ages.

Only the Catholic Church traces 2,000 years to Christ and the Apostles and has had unbroken successors to St. Peter in the papacy.

Only the Catholic Church has had the vast majority of all Christians as members, throughout the ages, as it does now.

Only the Catholic Church has had as members all saints of all ages, including those who wrote the New Testament.

All other Christian churches sprang from the Catholic Church in recent centuries, or broke and splintered from one that did break from the Catholic Faith.

If I were not a Catholic I would sure take a long look at the Catholic Church’s credentials.

— John Cooney, St. Thomas More Parish, Spokane

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