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(From the Feb. 2, 2006 edition of the Inland Register)

Archdiocese of Seattle

VANCOUVER – When Jacque and Greg Janson’s son, Aaron, a victim of bipolar disease, committed suicide at age 23 eight years ago, they came to the decision to channel their grief into helping others who might suffer from the same medical affliction.

“We see it as a gift in a way,” says Jacque. “We have been there and perhaps we can help other people get through it.”

The turning point in their long process toward healing came at Easter 1999. Jacque went to Mass and realized she felt grateful for her husband and her children, for her parish, for God.

“I found out there are no six easy steps and no magic wand and that just getting out of bed every day is a good thing.”

“Bipolar is an evil disease,” she said. “If these kids don’t get help, they end up in jail and the couples get divorced.”

Benedictine Brother Cyril Drnjevic has ministered alongside the Jansons. “They end up ministering from their pain,” he said. “It is very powerful for them. The sorrow is their Good Friday. That they can do something is their Easter. Their Pentecost is spreading the word.”

— Catholic Sentinel (Portland, Ore.)

SEATTLE – In the wake of the Dec. 30 property of the estate ruling in the Portland Archdiocese’s Chapter 11 Reorganization, Seattle’s Archbishop Alex Brunett reassured Western Washington Catholics.

“If the Archdiocese of Seattle continues to settle its own cases for fair and reasonable amounts, as it has for the last 18 years, and if our insurance carriers remain cooperative, the archdiocese will not be forced to seek relief from the bankruptcy court,” he said.

Anyone with knowledge of sexual abuse of minors by members of the clergy or any other Seattle Archdiocese minister is urged to call the archdiocese’s hotline: 1-800-446-7762.

(Editor’s note: See also “Despite court ruling, ministry will continue in Portland Archdiocese,” IR 1/12/06).

SEATTLE – Joe and Becky Sherman – he, a pediatrician; she, a pediatric psychologist – packed up their two children – age 5 and 3 – to begin a three-year assignment as Maryknoll Lay Missioners in Venezuela.

Overseas ministry is nothing new to the Doctors Sherman. They spent their honeymoon caring for the needy in Kenya in 1994.

“This decision is the next logical step in our lives,” said Joe.

They said their Catholic faith is an underpinning for their professional calling. “You need to live out your faith in your actions,” said Joe. “My faith is the basis of everything that I do.”

— The Catholic Northwest Progress (Seattle)

Diocese of Yakima

YAKIMA – The Diocese of Yakima had its first open house at their headquarters on Tieton Drive last fall.

Directors of the various ministry offices were on hand to share their work. Yakima’s Bishop Carlos Sevilla SJ also was on hand to meet and greet visitors.

— Central Washington Catholic (Yakima)

Diocese of Baker

BEND – Baker Diocese’s Bishop Robert Vasa is using the bulletins of his diocese to encourage vocations to the priesthood and to Religious life.

He quoted Baker’s Bishop Joseph McGrath, who in 1924 described diocesan priests as “true priestly men; men forgetful of self and public opinion; men willing to make whatever sacrifices would be demanded of them.”

Archdiocese of Portland

MOUNT ANGEL – The Carmelite House of Studies was blessed and dedicated last month.

The new facility will house about a dozen Carmelites in formation studies at Mount Angel Seminary, plus two Carmelite friars. The House of Studies has room for as many as 26.

Prior to this, the Carmelites studying at Mount Angel Seminary, which is operated by the Benedictines of Mount Angel Abbey, have been housed at other sites, including a house in Gervais, Ore., and in the town of Mount Angel itself.

The Carmelites have a long-term lease for the land, paying the Benedictines $1 per year for the next 99 years.

— Catholic Sentinel (Portland)

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