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the Inland Register

(From the June 8, 2006 edition of the Inland Register)

Archdiocese of Portland

PORTLAND – Archbishop John Vlazny offered some reflections on Portland’s Chapter 11 Reorganization situation in the May 19 edition of Oregon’s Catholic newspaper, the Catholic Sentinel.

“Here in this archdiocese, the costs that most of us have incurred are incredibly huge and threaten the effectiveness of our work in the service of the Gospel. We can never forget that innocent people were hurt in the past by some of our priests who committed terrible crimes. Fortunately, some of the victims are on the mend. But the healing did not occur because of money. Don’t be fooled. Certainly, just compensation is a victim’s right. But bad laws that inflict penalties only on some rather than all cannot promote justice.

“Nowadays, if something bad enough is said about the church, then it must be true. This is not merely the reaction of non-Catholics. Too many of our Catholics have had their own minds and hearts poisoned with respect to our church. I grow weary of people who wash their hands of the whole matter and seek reassurances that their contributions will not compensate victims or pay attorneys. My friends, we are the ones who are being sued. We are the ones who compensate the victims and pay attorneys. Who else?

“We are doing much better in our efforts to protect children and deal with complaints swiftly and fairly. We have taken this matter seriously and we have shown the world what needs to be done, even though no credit is given.

“Thanks be to God for watching over us and guiding us. We shall not fail, not because of ourselves, but because of the God in whom we wisely place our trust.”

— Catholic Sentinel

Archdiocese of Seattle

BREMERTON – Catholic Community Services has opened Benedict House, Kitsap County’s first emergency shelter and transitional residence for homeless men.

“On any given night there are 1,100 homeless in Kitsap,” said Sister Pat Millen of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, the program director of Benedict House. Last year’s statistics indicated that 470 of them were single, homeless men, she said.

The facility provides beds for 14 emergency and 10 transitional residents. The transitional residents can stay up to two years as they work to secure jobs and housing with help from an on-site CCS case manager. A 25th unit is reserved for a homeless man and his children. It was filled last week by a man and his eight-year-old son.

“We expect to be full every night,” said Sister Pat. “Our goal is that they’re no longer homeless again.”

SEATTLE – Did Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, get any of his facts right?

Yes, says Catholic journalist Sandra Miesel: He correctly placed Paris in France, London in England, and identified Leonardo Da Vinci as an Italian.

“After that, there’s pretty much nothing,” said Carl E. Olson, co-author, with Miesel, of The Da Vinci Hoax: Exposing the Errors in The Da Vinci Code.

The best-selling book has now been made into a movie starring Tom Hanks, directed by Ron “Opie” Howard.

“I don’t think people should pay money to see a movie that demeans their faith,” said Olson.

— The Catholic Northwest Progress

Diocese of Yakima

KENNEWICK – A new Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court was instituted earlier this spring in Kennewick. Court St. Teresa of Avila #2564 is the 22nd Court in Washington.

The new Court has some 60 chartered members.

The first slate of officers includes Debbie Lord, Regent; Liz Johnston, Vice Regent; Jennifer Darner, Treasurer; Grach Wooten, Recording Secretary; and Shirley Foster, Financial Secretary.

The group’s chaplain is Msgr. Desmond Dillon.

— Catholic Daughters of the Americas

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