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Crossroads Walkers bring pro-life witness to Spokane

the Inland Register

(From the June 8, 2006 edition of the Inland Register)

One of three groups of Crossroads Walkers hiking the country this summer stopped in Spokane en route to Washington D.C., giving simple pro-life witness along the way. (IR photo from Catholic Charities)

On a sunny, chilly Saturday morning over Memorial Day weekend, 12 young people stood quietly under a tree on the street outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Spokane, offering prayer and witness for a culture of life.

The Crossroads Walkers had come into town the day before. They left Seattle the previous weekend to walk in shifts from the West Coast to Washington D.C. over the summer to “save lives and change hearts.”

This northernmost of three groups of walkers crossing the country left Spokane on Sunday afternoon after speaking in four area parishes to continue their eastward walk, a pilgrimage of faith, prayer and sacrifice.

The Walkers are mostly college students taking their summer breaks to participate in this ministry of presence and witness. Each Walker will average 17 miles every day, moving in shifts throughout the day and night, resting and traveling in a large RV outfitted as their summer home on wheels. Every weekend, they stay in cities and towns along their route, raising awareness as well as funds for food and gas in parishes.

Assistant leader Dan Fiora-monti explained that the two main charisms of the Crossroads Walkers are prayer and sacrifice. The physical challenges of weather and stamina are not as great as the mental challenges of obedience and discipline.

The Walkers do not seek to provoke controversy. They do not march in public events or shout slogans or carry graphic signs. They wear shirts and pullovers emblazoned with the words “Pro Life” and walk quietly alone or in small groups along rural highways in the middle of the night and in the heat of the day.

On Saturday morning, May 27, the group prayed a litany of intercessions and decades of the rosary from a prepared prayer book, interspersed with hymns. It’s a positive message, affirming a consistent ethic of life and not seeking controversy.

The three groups of Walkers are scheduled to converge on Washington D.C. in August.

For more information, visit the Crossroad Walkers web site:

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