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Knights of Columbus urge support for priests during membership drive

by Donald J. McBride

(From the Aug. 3, 2006 edition of the Inland Register)

The Knights of Columbus are urging a special focus on membership recruitment during Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 7-8, with the theme, Support Our Parish Priests.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic family fraternal organization for men who wish to live the Gospel and practice their Faith through service. Since being founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, a parish priest in New Haven, Conn., the Knights have grown to an organization of 1.7 million men, with nearly 16,000 members in Washington State.

Following the vision of Father McGivney, these Knights at the local level apply the principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism as they conduct programs to benefit seminarians, the church, their youth, families, communities, and councils.

Internationally, the Knights provide disaster relief, print Catholic publications, as well as support church projects and other vital services.

The Knights have long held a focus on solidarity with our bishops, priests, and the Holy Father. With the recent worldwide publication of an important and excellent biography of Father McGivney, titled Parish Priest, the Washington State Council of the Knights of Columbus is placing special emphasis on support for our parish priests through programs and membership drives this year. The Knights also continue to pray for the cause for elevation of Father McGivney to the honors of the altar.

Being a Knight means more than hard work and service; it is also a way to increase focus on spirituality by having a peer group of Catholic men to encourage prayer, assistance at Mass, and thoughtful reflection on the needs of the world around us and our role in fulfilling those needs. The Knights also conduct social functions for the enjoyment of their members and families. Members and their families enjoy fraternal benefits such as insurance, scholarships, and annuities. Members who work in service careers such as police, firemen, or military duties also enjoy special benefits to their families and children in the event of their death in the line of duty.

With all this in mind, the Knights are conducting an order-wide membership recruitment drive during the month of October. All Catholic men, age 18 or older, are invited to join the Order to give them an opportunity to enjoy the experience of a lifetime in support of our parish priests. Many local councils will be providing information and recruitment sessions at their parishes during the weekend of Oct. 7-8 or other weekends during October. Interested men can also learn more about the Knights and how to join by visiting the Washington State Council website,, the Supreme Council website,, or by emailing

(Donald J. McBride is Membership Director of the Washington State Council of the Knights of Columbus.)

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