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(From the Dec. 21, 2006 edition of the Inland Register)

Archdiocese of Portland

SEASIDE – The Portland Archdiocese hosted its annual youth conference at the Seaside Convention Center last month, with the theme “Ready, Set, Go.”

Keynote speaker was singer-songwriter Tom Booth, who talked about “being nudged by God” to change his life’s direction.

Nearly 600 people from 40 parishes took part. Nearly 10 percent of the attendants came from Holy Trinity Parish, Beaverton. The pastor there is Father John McGrann, a priest of the Spokane Diocese.

Portland’s Archbishop John Vlazny completed the conference, presiding at Sunday morning’s Eucharist.

PORTLAND – Archbishop John Vlazny ordained six men to the diaconate Dec. 9 at the Cathedral of St. Mary in Portland.

Among the six was James Pittman, formerly of Spokane, now pastoral associate of Christ the King Parish, Milwaukee, Ore.

One of his ministries is called “Helping Hands,” a warehouse of donated goods that supports people who have lost their belongings to fires, natural disasters, job loss, or are otherwise in need of rent, furniture, appliances, clothing, and other necessities.

Diocese of Baker

IONE – Parishioners at St. William Parish held a “Baby Shower for Jesus” earlier this month. Goods donated to the event were given to the pregnancy center in nearby Hermiston.

JOHN DAY – Father Richard Edelin of St. Elizabeth Parish is hosting a “Come Home for Christmas” effort this year, designed to reach out to Catholics who are alienated from, or otherwise separated from, the Church. The program invites inactive Catholics to return to the practice of their faith by rejoining a welcoming community that misses them.

The parish is using a variety of media to deliver the message, including a phone hotline, and newspaper and radio ads.

— Catholic Sentinel (Archdiocese of Portland)

Archdiocese of Seattle

SEATTLE – The Seattle Archdiocese has announced the upcoming launch of a Liturgical Ministries Institute, scheduled to begin next month.

The Institute will be a formation program for liturgical ministers, designed to provide pastors with reliable and consistent training of parish liturgical leadership and ministers.

The Institute is co-sponsored by the Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission and the archdiocese’s Liturgy Office.

Three years of study and curriculum development were invested in the new initiative before its launch.

KIRKLAND – St. John Vianney Parish once again opened its grounds to host Tent City. From November to February, up to 100 homeless people will live on the grounds, receiving a hot meal each evening, prepared by parishioners, area churches, and other groups.

“We see it as part of our response to the Gospel, as part of our stewardship. It’s what Catholic social teaching calls us to do,” said Kathi Rowley, the parish’s pastoral assistant for liturgy and pastoral care.

— The Catholic Northwest Progress (Archdiocese of Seattle)

Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

BILLINGS — Beginning next month, The Harvest, the official publication of the Great Falls-Billings Diocese, will be published monthly, replacing its current schedule of every other month.

GREAT FALLS – The Great Falls-Billings Diocese also hosted its annual youth conference last month, with the theme “Open Our Hearts, Lord.” The event brought in 160 participants from 19 parishes for two days of music, prayer, activity, and dancing.

Keynote speaker was Catholic evangelist and singer Jesse Manibusen. Other speakers included local priests and youth ministers.

— The Harvest (Diocese of Great Falls-Billings)

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