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(From the , 2007 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Earth is running down


    I see frequent letters (IR 5/3/07, 5/24/07) regarding human-caused pollution leading to global warming, and also other effects harming the quality of life. I note that the scientific community is now beginning to agree that the environment is degenerating.

    I thought it interesting that this was predicted 3,000 years ago in the Bible. Isaiah 51:6 states that the Earth is growing old (wearing out) like a garment. And Psalm 102:25, 26: “of old thou didst lay the foundations of the earth and the heavens … they will perish … they will all wear out like a garment.”

    The above observation is confirmed by workers such as Classius in the science of physics. According to thermodynamic theory, the Law of Entropy teaches that the Earth is running down, that all forms of life, sources of energy are gradually being used up and are changed into heat. We are just speeding the process.

    Kenneth Lindblad, College Place, Wash.

    Why I am Catholic


    Occasionally, I wear a T-shirt that says, “Catholic for a Reason.” People ask, “So, why are you Catholic?” especially in light of the tragic events in the Spokane Diocese over priests abusing children.

    I meet others who say, “I used to be Catholic.” In fact, I was one of them. I started out as a “cradle Catholic,” then left the church for 25 years. I returned 10 years ago, even though I was well-armed with anti-catholic teachings. Why?

    My logic, reason, intellect and the Bible, all told me that Truth should be the same for everyone who takes Jesus at his word when he said: “I am the way, the Truth and the life.” Shouldn’t we be united as one body with Christ as the head? Can this body have different beliefs? Answering these two questions, for me at least, is “Why I am Catholic.”

    • Jesus entrusted the authority he was sent with to his Apostles. Jesus Himself gave a special authority to Peter, whom he called “rock” and to whom he entrusted the keys of the kingdom, apostolic succession.

    • Truth, an absolute, God-given Truth. Christ gave us the Holy Spirit, whom he called the Spirit of Truth, who would instruct us in everything and remind us of all that He taught. The Truth of Christ has been preserved in Sacred Scripture, the Bible. This Truth is guarded and applied to a particular time and culture by whom? As we face issues like bioethics or euthanasia – issues that the Bible never specifically addressed – who says, “This way of life is right or this way is wrong in accordance with the Truth of Christ?” Which Church takes a stand and says, “This teaching is in accord with the mind of Christ?” Which Church makes headlines in the Washington Post or New York Times?

    • I am Catholic because of the Eucharist. Please read John 6:66 carefully. Ask yourself why that happened.

    Pete Baccarella, Cheney, Wash.

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