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Walla Walla student artists, writers compete in Catholic Daughters’ education contest

the Inland Register

(From the June 14, 2007 edition of the Inland Register)

Winners of the Walla Walla Catholic Daughters’ education contest were honored May 15. The themes of this year’s contest were “The Beauty of God’s creation” and “Taking Time for Others.” Entries were accepted in the categories of art, essay, poetry, poster art, computer art, photography, and music, from students in third through 12th grades.

This year’s winners:

Art: Division I: Lucia Wilson, Ashlyn Lyons, Elizabeth Ruthven, Patrick Giedeman. Division II: Mattie Smyth, Paul Wujek, Andy Sutlick, Monica Daniel. Division III: Nancy Munoz*.

Poster: Division I: Ruby Wachtel*, Austin Cousineau, Ashlyn Lyons, Mikayla Ferenz. Division II: Lauren Pincus.

Poetry: Division I: Connor Richards, Mikayla Ferenz, Michael Grant, Mary Theresa Neal. Division II: Heather Diaz, Parker Eaglestone, Leah Brush, Joseph Solomon. Division III: Anthony Neal, Mary Grace Wolpert, Carianne Wilson.

Essay: Division I: Elizabeth Ruthven, Benjamin Miedema, Ashlyn Lyons, Madeline Brooks. Division II: Lauren Pincus, Lauren McCaw, Abigail Crowley. Division III: Anthony Neal*, Alex Wilson.

Computer Art: Division I: Mary Neal. Division II: Christopher Neal, Morgan Lenihan, Spencer Cordeiro, Lauren Pincus. Division III: Anthony Neal, Matt Wujek, Richie Westphal.

Music: Division II: Steven Sellers, Christopher Neal. Division III: Anthony Neal*.

Photo: Division II: Reilly Roach, Robert Ferenz, Annie Higgins, Monica Daniel. Division III: Tim Richard, Lauren Hansen, Kelsey Hart, Karissa Konen.

* Winning first place on the state level, and therefore qualifying for national competition.

Left to right: Walla Walla Division I (grades 3-5) winners Ruby Wachtel, Mikayla Ferenz, Connor Richards, Austin Cousineau, Mary Neal, Elizabeth Ruthven, Madeline Brooks.

Left to right: Walla Walla Division II (grades 6-8) winners Heather Diaz, Paul Wujek, Steven Sellers, Robert Ferenz, Andy Sutlick, Reilly Roach, Mattie Smythe, and Christopher Neal.

Left to right: Walla Walla Division III (grades 9-12) winners Nancy Munoz, Lauren Hansen, and Anthony Neal.

Washington State winners from Walla Walla whose work has been submitted to the national education contest, from left: Ruby Wachtel, Nancy Munoz and Anthony Neal. Winners will be announced next month at the National Catholic Daughters convention. (IR photos from the Catholic Daughters of the Americas St. Cecilia Court #668)

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