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(From the Aug. 23, 2007 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Pray for healing


    Anyone who is reading this letter is most likely a Catholic and one who loves their faith very much. This letter is written to each and every one of us who fall under these categories.

    We are on what some may call the downward side of the scandal, lawsuit, and bankruptcy, but I like to think of this as just the beginning. The past sins which have caused so much pain and damage to our diocese continue to damage our church today. Each parish must obtain what seems like an insurmountable financial goal before this time of trial is truly behind them.

    A good friend of mine and I were talking about this problem the other day and she shared how she had been praying about what she should pledge toward our parish goal. She confessed quite honestly that she had really been complaining. She has a devotion to her guardian angel and was asking him to give her some direction when she admitted to him that she really didn’t want to give money to this cause.

    Her reply to this prayer came to her quite clearly, not in an audible voice, but clear just the same. Her angel’s response was, “He paid for you!”

    My friend’s eyes welled with tears as she shared her story with me. She looked at me and said simply, “He was right.”

    The answer to putting all of our diocese’s problems behind us is not just about meeting the financial goals that have been set before each parish. The solution will only be realized when each and every Catholic in our diocese commits to pray, for one another, for our priests, for Bishop Skylstad and most importantly, prayer for healing and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

    I know many have already been faithfully praying, and to those faithful prayer warriors, thank you. For the rest, please join in a completely unified and fervent plea to heaven. Only a united Body of Christ will overcome the evil one.

    This challenge is far more serious than worrying about losing a parish building. It is about souls and our need to work toward our duty as Catholics to “Go Forth, Baptizing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” We are called to a mission, and only through prayer, perseverance and commitment with complete reliance on God will we succeed.

    I would love to see our diocese come together at the Cathedral and in each parish church on the same day and time to pray together, united as the Body of Christ, asking for forgiveness, healing and the Holy Spirit. Then after our prayers are realized, we should come together again in Thanksgiving.

    Throughout Scripture we read how the people of God would come together to pray and their prayers were always answered. Let us follow the example given to us and Pray, Pray, Pray!

    Jesus did pay the price for all of our sins. We must in turn pick up our cross and follow him.

    Jeannie Lyonnais, Dayton, Wash.

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