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Diocese funds Plan of Reorganization on schedule

the Inland Register

(From the Oct. 4, 2007 edition of the Inland Register)

Bishop William Skylstad issued the following statement Sept. 27:

On the Feast of St. Nicholas, 2004, the Diocese of Spokane filed for Chapter 11 Reorganization, with two equally important goals: to treat all claims of sexual abuse victims fairly, and to continue the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church in Eastern Washington.

At that time, and on numerous occasions since then, I have expressed my sorrow for the damage caused to individuals, and my personal apologies on behalf of diocesan leadership.

Compensation to victims of sexual abuse is just one small step toward healing for the victims. I hope and pray that the entire community of Eastern Washington can continue to heal and reconcile.

On Oct. 1, the Diocese of Spokane will wire $5 million into the Plan Trustee Trust Account as required by the approved Debtor’s Plan of Reorganization, bringing the Diocese of Spokane one step closer to fulfilling the requirements of the Plan and concluding the Chapter 11 Reorganization.

There remains a payment of $1 million, due Oct. 1, 2009.

In an orderly fashion, the diocese has liquidated its assets. It has sold all of the properties as foreseen by the Plan, except for the property from Immaculate Heart Retreat Center, which remains on the market.

In funding the Plan, the diocese has incurred approximately $3.4 million in debt to date, which includes payment for trade creditors by January 2008.

I will continue fund-raising to reduce the level of debt, so that ministry support in Eastern Washington can continue.

I extend my apologies to all victims for the harm done to them. I hope all victims will accept my sincere sorrow and regret for the damage done to them. I pray for them each day, and ask that they pray for me, and for the Church in Eastern Washington.

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