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Walla Walla students address themes of light for annual education contest

the Inland Register

(From the June 12, 2008 edition of the Inland Register)

May 22 saw the Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court #668 in Walla Walla, Wash., honor winners in the recent Education Contest.

This year’s themes: “Jesus the Light of the World” and “People Who Light Up My World.”

Entries from students in grades 3-12 were made in the following categories: art, essay, poetry, poster art, computer art, music, and photography.

Division I was grades 3-5; Division II, grades 6-8; Division III, grades 9-12.

The first place winners in each of the categories were submitted to the Washington State competition, where the following students earned recognition:

Leo Chaidarun, Third Place, Division II art. Annie Higgins, Third Place, Division II Computer Art; Jane Conley, First Place, Division I Poster Art; Anthony Neal, First Place, Division III Poetry and Music; Christopher Neal, Third Place, Division II Essay, and First Place, Division II Music; Monica Daniel, First Place, Division III Essay; Lauren McCaw, First Place, Division II Photography.

The first place winners at the state level will compete at the National level, which will be judged at the National Convention next month.

The local winners:

Division I

Art: Cara Hall (1), Tyler Jacobson (2), Emma Jenkins (3). Tricia Chaidarun (Honorable Mention). Poster Art: Jane Conley (1), Marilyn Cummins (2), Ruby Wachtel (3) Emma Maxwell (Honorable Mention). Poetry: John Neal (1), Molli Lesko (2), Camille Elmenurst, Michael Daniel and Mary Brooks Baldwin (Honorable Mentions). Essay: Michael Daniel (1), Hannah Leahy (2), John Neal (3). Computer Art: John Neal (1), JoJo Mason (2).

Division II

Art: Leo Chaidarun (1), Paul Elmenhurst (2) Logan Hoeft (3), Elizabeth Ruthven and Juan Cortez (Honorable Mention). Poetry: Lucas Fazzari (1), Ali Zander (2), Madison Howton (3), Janelle Hartford (Honorable Mention). Essay: Christopher Neal (1), Matthew Daniel (2), Mary Neal (3), Lucia Wilson (Honorable Mention). Computer Art: Annie Higgins (1), Mary Neal (2), Christopher Neal (3). Music: Christopher Neal (1), Mary Neal (2). Photography: Lauren McCaw (1), Megan Hamada (2), Annie Higgins (3), Keaton Sullivan (Honorable Mention).

Division III

Art: Monica Daniel (1). Poetry: Anthony Neal (1), Matthew Wujek (2), Monica Daniel (3), Matthew Wujek (Honorable Mention). Essay: Monica Daniel (1), Alex Wilson (2), Anthony Neal (3). Music: Anthony Neal (1).

Division I winners, in the front row, from left: Tricia Chaidarun, Emma Maxwell, Marilyn Cummins, Cara Hall, John Neal, and Michael Daniels; in the back row, from left, are Camille Elmenhurst, Ruby Wachtel, Emma Jenkins, Hannah Leahy, Molli Lesko, Jane Conley, and Tyler Jacobson.

Division II winners: seated, from left, are Mary Neal, Matthew Daniel, Juan Cortez, and Keaton Sullivan; standing, from left, are Megan Hamada, Logan Hoeft, Madison Howton, Leo Chaidarun, Christopher Neal, Lucas Fazzari, Lauren McCaw, Elizabeth Ruthven, and Paul Elmenhurst.

Competing on the state level are, from left, Christopher Neal, Lauren McCaw, Anthony Neal, Leo Chaidarun, and Jane Conley. (IR photos courtesy of Donna Wujek)

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