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July 31, 2008

by Father Tom Caswell, for the Inland Register

(From the July 31, 2008 edition of the Inland Register)

From the Inland Register, Vol. III, No. 3:
Sept. 15, 1944

Unofficial Count in Both Grade and High Departments is Up; Total for Fall Term is 3,238, Which is 160 More Than Last Year; Official Tally Expected to Show More.

Unofficial enrollment total from Spokane Catholic high and grade schools show a net gain over the official totals of last year. This year’s official totals will probably add to the total, as they are made after school has run for several weeks and include late arrivals. The unofficial total for this term is 3,238 – an increase of 160 over last year’s official total.

It is significant that both grade and high school totals have increased. The combined enrollments of the three city high schools in 1942, two years ago, was 911. Last year it dropped to 881. This year it is back to 912. Some parishes show a decrease in their grade school enrollment. But others show such considerable gains that the net result is a gain of 129.

Eight Grades Completed

St. Paschal School in Spokane Valley not only increased its total enrollment but added another year of study. This newest parochial school in the vicinity of Spokane has been adding the upper grades gradually each year. This fall it opened for the first time with all the eight grades and 126 pupils.

Marycliff announces a record-breaking freshman class of 84, which brings its total to a new high – 275.

Next month the official enrollment figures will have been compiled and will be published. There follows a comparison of the 1942 official figures with this year’s unofficial:

School | 1943 | 1944
Cathedral | 170 | 157
Sacred Heart | 215 | 240
St. Aloysius | 414 | 412
St. Ann | 182 | 167
St. Anthony | 199 | 191
St. Augustine | 239 | 260
St. Francis | 164 | 212
St. Joseph | 135 | 131
St. Paschal (Spokane Valley) | 97 | 126
St. Patrick | 212 | 266
St. Francias Xavier | 170 | 174
Totals: 2,197 | 2,326

Holy Names Academy | 242 | 257
Marycliff High School | 263 | 275
Gonzaga High School | 376 | 380
Totals: 881 | 912
GRAND TOTALS: 3,078 | 3,238
Increase — 160

(Marycliff High School, Spokane)

With a record-breaking class of 84 freshman enrolled, Marycliff also reached a new high total of 275 students to date. Both sophomore and junior classes count approximately 70. This is near capacity enrollment, with some rooms crowded.

Regular classes were conducted from the first day of school on. Many of the extra-curricular activities, too, are already underway. But for two exceptions, the faculty is the same as last year. Sister M. Pauline succeeds Sister M. Felice, who has replaced the former at Cathedral high, Superior, Wisc., Sister M. Adjuta of DePadna high, Ashland, Wisc., replaces Sister M. Anysia, who is now at Aquinas high, La Crosse, Wisc. Sister M. Maurilla continues as principal. Sister M. Edith and M. Borromea are new members of the sisters’ household.

On Sunday, Sept. 10, the second annual alumnae homecoming was held. A program, tea on the campus, and just visiting were features of the event. Sister M. Suzanne is faculty moderator of the alumnae association. The freshmen mothers were guests of the Marycliff Mothers’ club on Sept. 12. Plans for the annual Harvest Festival to be held Oct. 20 were laid at the business meeting, which preceded the campus luncheon for mothers and daughters. Sister M. Wilhelmette and Mary Clarence are faculty advisers to the Mothers’ club.

Under the leadership of Patricia Pierson, Mary Magrath, and Virginia Boisen, new officers, the first Associated Student Body meeting of the year was held on Sept. 13. This was also “Code Day,” an annual event in which copies of the “Marycliff Girl’s Code” are presented to all new girls. Sister M. Sigmunda is the A.S.B faculty moderator.

Eucharistic Guard and Crusade activities directed by Sister M. Gertrudis and Sister M. Adjuta are also underway. Carmen Gauthier is the new Crusade president. The regular religion classes are taught by the Rev. Edward Kowrach, the Rev. Ralph Schwemin, and the Rev. David Rosage.

Heading the Marycliff News staff are Mary Lotze, editor, and Mona Ann Derr, business manager. The annual subscription drive was launched this week. The sports program will again be directed by Sister M. Clavera. Sister M. Edna, librarian, reports an exceptionally large circulation of both old and new books during the first week of school.

Large enrollments in orchestra and glee club as well as in private music taught by Sisters M. Annita and Leota point to an active and successful year in that department. Sewing and homemaking with Sister M. Firma in charge, too, show an upswing, while Sister Mary Ronald serves an ever-increasing number in the school cafeteria. As in past years, the building and campus are in perfect condition because of the efforts, during the summer months, of William O’Connor, custodian, and Mrs. O’Connor.

(Father Caswell is Ecumenical Relations Officer and Archivist for the Diocese of Spokane, as well as a frequent contributor to this publication.)

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