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(From the Oct. 23, 2008 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Voting decisions


    How often do we say the Our Father? If we do, then what do we mean when we pray “Thy will be done”? Jesus gave us this prayer and the words to say, and yet do we pay attention?

    Is taking one’s own life because of pain or the life of an unborn child what God wants? I think not.

    When it comes to politics and having to vote, then how would God like us to vote?

    As Catholics there is one and only one way to vote and that would be as God is voting. We have the moral obligation to do what is right and vote, and maybe God’s Will will be done. Think about this, and pray.

    Gene Lilienkamp, Cheney, Wash.


    Living in a democracy provides each of us the great opportunity to form society through the voting process. And thus, we who live in a democracy have a great responsibility before God.

    All of us will face the final judgment when we give to God an accounting of our lives, and this will necessarily include our voting record.

    We must allow our faith to help form our consciences in order to choose well.

    There are many difficult issues to consider: the economy, the war, immigration, and health care to name a few. There are no simple solutions to these complex issues, and thus we continue to educate ourselves and form our opinion. It is part of our responsibility as Catholics and as Americans to do so.

    This is not true for the life issues – the life issues are not difficult in the least. What the pro-abortion and pro-suicide crowd advocate is disgusting. It is so contrary to decency that their only hope for success is to confuse voters. Deceit is their only strategy.

    Wrong economic decisions may mean hardship for some. Poor immigration and health care decisions may cause injustice to others. Furthermore, as to whether the war is just, there are great Catholics that have argued both sides of that issue.

    But these issues pale in comparison to the sobering fact that our country kills millions of innocent children in and out of the womb every year. You and I, as members of this country, will have to answer to God for this. Furthermore, Washington may soon be executing the elderly as we follow Oregon down the slippery slope.

    Listen to the great leaders of our Church. Candidates who choose to support abortion rights also choose to disqualify themselves from consideration for the Catholic vote.

    Greg Fazzari, Walla Walla, Wash.

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