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November 13, 2008

by Father Tom Caswell, for the Inland Register

(From the Nov. 13, 2008 edition of the Inland Register)

Volume 17 – No. 16 | 50 Years Ago: November 28, 1958

Walla Walla Meeting

Waitsburg – A new constitution for the diocesan women’s federation, needy children, CCD work, foreign relief, and religious teaching of Mexican children were among subjects treated by women of the Walla Walla Deanery who met at St. Patrick’s, Walla Walla, Nov. 10.

Mrs. Frank Gustafson, parliamentarian, explained the workings of the new constitution adopted at the diocesan convention. As library and literature chairman, she suggested programs on the Inland Register, more reading on Latin America to foster a better understanding of the mission problem, special holiday religious reading, and expressed hope that two reading groups in addition to the one already formed would soon be organized.

A Christmas party for the underprivileged children in the area is being planned under sponsorship of the committee cooperating with Catholic Charities, reported Mrs. Edwin Chadek, chairman. Numerous shut-in calls are being made and needy families helped. Parishioners having quilt linings or piecings were asked to send them to Mrs. Chadek if unable to complete them and workers would be found to make up the quilts.

Six attended the regional CCD conference in Yakima recently. Mrs. Herres, Mrs. Lowden, Mrs. Clyde Lakin, Mrs. Skrondal, Calla Stazel, Mrs. Schreck, and Mrs. Bill Beaver. Mrs. Joe Lamperti, study chairman, reported the initial organizing of a new study club in St. Francis of Assisi Parish and the flourishing of other clubs in the deanery.

Mrs. Grover Hodgon, Pasco, foreign relief chairman, talked about a new project, the Madonna plan, designed to help mothers and children within the walls of the Vatican. The annual Bishop’s Thanksgiving clothing drive for the world’s needy will be conducted under this committee’s auspices.

Mexican Children Taught

Emma Berrones, Immigration chairman, is transporting 11 Mexican children to confraternity classes weekly, along with securing clothing from the various parishes to several needy Mexican families in the area. These children will be invited to the Christmas party being handled by Catholic Charities. Persons willing to sponsor a child are being asked to contact Miss Berrones or Mrs. Chadek.

Mrs. Howard Pettyjohn, legislation chairman, led a discussion of political issues in the recent election bearing a trademark of Catholic interest. Mrs. Edward Hickey, youth chairman, noted the addition of Mrs. Sid Schneller as a committee member for Walla Walla’s St. Patrick Parish council, the committee to sponsor socials for high schoolers to begin attending religious instruction classes in January.

Mrs. Herres reported the selling work done by her committee; she and Mrs. Gustafson having visited a number of church groups explaining the history, structure, and importance of the council system. She suggested that her committee meet with all groups in their respective parishes to promote council membership as an initial step in the all-deanery membership drive planned in the spring. The deanery has raised $528.80 toward the Father Peyton rosary film fund drive.

Parish council presidents Mrs. Emilio Guglielmelli, Jr.; Mrs. Lowden, and Mrs. Frank Porter reported considerable progress. Mrs. Lowden of Assumption told of an adoption, foster home placement, babysitting for the church organist, shut-in calls, addition of 50 books to the library including 13 juvenile selections and the instruction of high schoolers by Louise Lyons and Mrs. Stazel. Mrs. Porter of Pasco noted the remarkable increase in parish council membership from nine to 58, the forming of a Legion of Mary, progress in all committee work and the appearance of the Rev. George McCabe as guest speaker. The Pasco group was cited for having the largest delegation (10) at the diocesan convention. Thirty attended form the deanery.

Mrs. J.J. Mahar reported on the recent benefit travelogue featuring Msgr. Pautler’s European travels. Mrs. Chadek and Mrs. Lonnie Englerth gave a synopsis of diocesan conference highlights.

(Mrs. Gene Gerkey, Correspondent)

INLAND REGISTER | Volume 41 – No. 11
25 Years ago: November 9, 1983

Brewster Parish Celebrates 25 years

Brewster – Sacred Heart parish will celebrate its 25 anniversary as a parish on Nov. 18.

A special Mass will be held at 5:30 p.m. to mark the anniversary, followed by a potluck dinner in the Senior Center. Ten former pastors have been invited to concelebrate Mass in honor of the parish’s silver jubilee, said Father Kevin Codd, pastor.

A parish-wide meeting will be held Nov. 19. “We will look back on the past and chart goals for the future,” Father Codd said.

There is a long history of the Catholic faith in the Brewster area, he added.

“Our church has an exciting mixture of members. It has the grandchildren of the first settlers who still have a tough pioneer spirit, and it has new families who have brought a special awareness and knowledge to our parish.”

Sacred Heart Mission already had a church and an active church life when Bishop Bernard Topel established it as a parish in October 1958.

In fact, the mission of St. Genevieve Parish in Twisp was so prosperous that the pastor of Twisp lived in an apartment built behind the Brewster church. That pastor, Father George H. Morbeck, became the first pastor of the new Brewster parish.

The overly large territory that made up the Twisp parish was a major factor that influenced Bishop Topel to establish the Brewster parish. Another consideration was better service to the Indian mission at Monse, located near Brewster.

Even with the division, the Twisp parish remained the largest parish in the diocese at the time. It covered 1,785 square miles after the Brewster parish broke away.

Around 1910, a dozen or so families, determined to insure their religious future, built a church which seated 85 persons. Priests from Oroville and Okanogan took care of the congregations’ spiritual needs. By 1914, the families were attending Mass on a monthly basis.

When neighboring Twisp reached parish status in 1934, Brewster became its mission. About 24 years later, the roles were reversed: Brewster became a parish, and Twisp became its mission.

A new church was built in 1962, increasing the capacity of Sacred Heart Church to 200 persons.

(Father Caswell is archivist and Ecumenical Relations Officer for the Diocese of Spokane, and a regular contributor to this publication.)

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