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(From the Jan. 15, 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Eucharistic symbols


    What a contrast between Cardinal Dulles’s grand obituary on page 25 (“Cardinal Avery Dulles SJ, convert to Catholicism, dies at age 90”) and the little opinion piece at the bottom of p. 22 (“Liturgy Reflections: “Original Eucharistic symbols,” both IR 12/18/08)! The columnist laments that “respect for the consecrated bread and wine (sic) so often takes precedence over the community’s act of thanksgiving and sharing...”

    He just doesn’t “get it,” does he? Too bad Cardinal Dulles will no longer be with us to insist, as he did in 2005, that “the 1551 teaching of the Council of Trent on the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist ‘remains today as normative as ever.’ The council described the presence with three adverbs – ‘truly, really and substantially’ – that are ‘the keys that open the door to Catholic teaching and exclude contrary views.’”

    May perpetual light shine upon him!

    David H. Carey, Walla Walla, Wash.

    Political advertising


    I am a simple college-aged young adult, who has been a full-time volunteer youth minister for my first two years out of high school. I won’t pretend to know and understand fully the issues of our country or Church nor can I act as though I have the knowledge needed to voice a well prepared opinion regarding many religious/political issues.

    I don’t want this letter to come across as unreasonably angry as I am sure many of your letters do. But perhaps simply confused and passionate if nothing else.

    Back in the days of World War II, I think it would have been absurd to imagine a fully Catholic newspaper advertising for the infamous Hitler, a dictator responsible for the torture, harassment, and murder of hundreds of thousands of people. I doubt that anyone would have considered an advertisement for him (paid for or not) a decent way to “inform” Catholic readers of their “options” in deciding who deserved their support as leaders of their country. I ask you: is there a difference in that Holocaust and the one we are experiencing today in the murder of millions of unprotected babies in abortion? As a Catholic, can you honestly claim there is a difference? And if there is no difference, how can you in good conscience advertise for politicians who willfully condone such evil? Can you really separate out advertisement from endorsement?

    It is common knowledge that our state and local community is quite liberal and infiltrated with the lies of our present age. Can you honestly say that an advertisement for a politician will not lead people to vote for those who would rather bring about a culture of death than a culture of life? Christ told us it would be better for a person to have a millstone tied around his neck and him tossed into the sea than to lead a little one into sin. Did he not? If informing the Catholic public is your goal then why not write articles about each politician running for office? Surely this would be more fitting.

    I beg you to reconsider the ways in which you acknowledge the silent voices screaming out for love and life. Until then I will not support the Inland Register nor the Annual Catholic Appeal which contributes to it. Other uncompro-mised groups within the Church will receive my financial support.

    Surely if a young and intellectually simple adult like myself can understand just how high the stakes are for all of these lives being taken, so too can her larger Catholic community. Thank you for your time. You are in my prayers.

    Meghan Whalan, Grandview, Wash.

    Cover disappoints


    I truly don’t think your readers should be subject to the picture on the Inland Register of Dec. 18, 2008.

    My first thought was I hope they never paid anyone for that!

    I feel we live in a particularly generous diocese. Just Chapter 11 tells me that! Also, Tom’s Turkey Drive raised $89,000 and 400 turkeys for the poor!

    Then also the Catholic Charities Christmas Collection reaches its goal and has even surpassed it.

    With so many gorgeous pictures of Christmas about, why do you give us the consumer “sin” the last two years?

    Just maybe you could inspire us to be better because I don’t feel we are the picture Mr. Arm-strong painted.

    Joan Patterson, Ritzville, Wash.

    True Christmas spirit


    Christmas came early to our house this year.

    When we decided we needed a railing on our back steps, we contacted a local fabricator who came to our home to take measurements for the project. He did not give us an estimate but promised us a fair deal and we took him at his word. Two weeks later he returned to install the railing and the finished product was perfect. He would not accept any payment.

    This generous man explained that is mother, who lives in Nebraska and is over 90, is helped by friends and neighbors in her community and, in gratitude, he passes on the kindness by helping elderly people in his community.

    We think this attitude reflects the true spirit of Christmas, a spirit that inspires our benefactor, and those like him, all year ’round.

    Patricia and Gerard Cain, Spokane

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