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How to address an envelope to the President? Ask Cataldo’s third graders

the Inland Register

(From the Feb. 5, 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

Miss Hamill and her third graders at Cataldo School, Spokane, show off their handiwork: letters to President Barack Obama. (IR photo courtesy of Cataldo School, Spokane)

Miss Hamill asked her third grade class to write a letter to our new President Barack Obama. She wanted them to think about how they might ask him to help the country.

She explained to them the historic event of President Obama being the first African American President. She talked to them about how his inauguration speech encouraged us as Americans to “love thy neighbor” by pulling together to help those in need no matter race or economics. She reminded them to pray for him as he embarks on this most important job.

Here is a sampling of what some of the students wrote:

• Congratulations on being our new President. I hope you have fun being President. I know you have a lot of hard choices to make. I hope you do some of these things: Please try to stop war. Please make houses for the poor. Please help people to find jobs. Please stop pollution everywhere. Please be safe. – Max

• I think you should make a program to have people donate money to make more shelters. You could build places for homeless people to sleep at night. This would really help in the winter. – Brandon

• The things I’m most concerned about our country are the wars and terrorist attacks. I’m concerned because the people who fight in the wars could die from trying to save our country. America and the other countries could get together and try to work it out. – Grace

• You need to help people find jobs before it is too late. How I think you should help them is to give each state or country a certain amount of money. That way they can use the money for important things like making jobs. – Kerynica

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