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Letters to the Editor

(From the Feb. 5, 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

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    More on adoption


    The letter by Marian Beumier regarding adoption by gays (“Letters to the Editor,” IR 12/18/08) is filled with hurt and sadness. But one must be reminded that God made them male and female. So no matter what one does, even going as far as a sex change operation, one’s cells still remain XY if you are male and XX if you are female.

    God made you female because he has plans for you that you can only fulfill as a woman. He made you male because he has plans for you that you can only fulfill as a man. If you choose to change God’s plan, one is saying, “I know better than God how to live my life and I will do it my way.”

    Gay or not, all of us stray from God’s ways. If we only knew what wonderful things God has in store for us if only we do it his way.

    Susan Bacon, Spokane

    More on political ads


    In response to Meghan Whalan’s letter “Political Advertising” (“Letters to the Editor,” IR 1/15/09):

    It’s interesting how some people compare the abortion evil to the Nazi Holocaust. Maybe we should round up all the pro-choice politicians and give them lethal injections.

    In China, a second pregnancy is considered a crime and must be terminated by the state. Maybe we should invade China to stop this holocaust. It would result in only a half-billion deaths but would save a few million unborn babies.

    How do we know Mary Magdalene didn’t have a abortion or two, since she was pretty frisky with her sexuality before she met Jesus?

    It’s great and right to be pro-life, but what should society do to help a meth-addicted mother raise her brain-damaged baby once it’s born?

    The Catholic Church is already doing great work with these social problems, including women who have had an abortion.

    Are there any easy and unambiguous solutions to this evil? Methinks there aren’t, except spending more time on our knees.

    Mike Gary, Spokane

    Fully pro-life


    Lighting my candle on Jan. 22, I united in solidarity with thousands of others who pray against the evil of killing the innocent lives of babies in the womb.

    And at the same time, it came to me how powerful it will be when all of us come to realize that “pro-life” means more than just “anti-abortion,” and we become fully pro-life, standing in prayer and solidarity against the immense evil of killing innocent lives in the practice of war. By labeling other human beings as “enemy” and “collateral damage” we seem to be able to justify callous killing, not only babies in wombs, but their mothers, fathers, sister, brothers, aunts uncles, grandparents….

    Jesus was clear about “Love your enemies! Do good to those who hurt you!” He came with his message of love to supersede the Old Testament “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” mentality, and yet we seem to be stuck in that Old Testament view. Why do we ignore this part of Jesus’ explicit teaching, when we quite literally believe his “This is My Body. Do this in memory of me”?

    What if … All of us whose urgent prayers and energies are working to end the evil of abortion would heed Jesus’ commands and expend equal prayer and concern for ending the evil of slaughtering and maiming innocent people in war?

    What a great and powerful force for good in the world we will be when we Catholics extend our concern for life to include the horrific slaughter culturally condoned in the name of war, and direct urgent prayer and effort to work for peace.

    Bernadine Van Thiel, Spokane

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