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Catholic school students live generosity through ‘100 Ways’ celebration

by Mitch Finley, Inland Register staff

(From the Feb. 26, 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

Students from Catholic schools across the diocese gathered around Bishop Skylstad after “100 Ways in 100 Days” Mass at St. Patrick School, Spokane. The “100 Ways” project is a cooperative effort by Catholic Charities and the Catholic schools of the diocese. (IR photo courtesy of St. Patrick School, Spokane)

Friday, Feb. 13, was a sunny winter day with temperatures finally moving above the freezing point. Inside Spokane’s St. Patrick Church, however, all was warm, and the pews were packed with Catholic school students from all but the most distant parts of the diocese.

Every Catholic elementary school in the diocese – not including the schools in Walla Walla and Clarkston, who could not attend due to distance – sent representatives to participate in the annual Catholic Charities/Catholic Schools “100 Ways in 100 Days,” culminating this year’s projects to benefit the needy.

Through the “100 Ways” efforts, students at Catholic schools gather and donate various items, often in collections of 100, requested by the many works of Catholic Charities, for distribution during the year by the agencies. The event also marks the approximately 100th day of school each year.

Guardian Angel/St. Boniface School, serving Colton and Uniontown, packed its entire student body of 30-plus and made the drive to Spokane.

A student music group led the assembly in the musical parts of the Mass and in singing sacred songs, and students served as lectors during the Liturgy of the Word. During the Presentation of the Gifts, a representative of each school brought forward items collected by the students and presented them to representatives of the various benefitting charities.

During his homily, Bishop Skylstad recalled that the 100 Ways in 100 Days program has been carried out for 11 years now. “One of the special things about what you do during ‘100 Ways in 100 Days,’” he said, “is to reach out to others who are in need, and that means a lot to those you help.”

Here is a selection of the many items collected by students:

Handmade birthday cards, Assumption and All Saints schools, Spokane

Paper towels, St. Mary School, Spokane Valley; St. Patrick School, Spokane; Holy Family, Clarkston; Guardian Angel-St. Boniface, Colton-Union-town; St. Aloysius, Spokane; Cataldo, Spokane

Facial tissue, St. Mary School; Guardian Angel/St. Boniface; St. Aloysius; Trinity, Spokane

Handmade placemats, St. Mary School.

Bathroom tissue, St. Patrick School, Spokane; Holy Family; Guardian Angel/St. Boniface; St. Aloysius; All Saints; Trinity

Handmade Valentine’s cards, Assumption, St. Patrick, St. Aloysius, and Cataldo schools, Spokane

Canned soup, Holy Family; St. Aloysius; St. Charles, Spokane

Dish soap, Holy Family, Clarkston; St. Aloysius; Trinity

Bottles of shampoo and conditioner, Guardian Angel/St. Boniface; St. Thomas More and St. Charles, Spokane

Bar soap, Guardian Angel/St. Boniface.

Toothpaste, Guardian Angel/St. Boniface

Toothbrushes, Guardian Angel/St. Boniface

Laundry detergent, All Saints

Diapers, St. John Vianney School, Spokane Valley

Pocket-sized calendars, St. John Vianney

Infant/toddler board books, St. John Vianney

Small items for babies, St. John Vianney

Rice bags for nursing mothers, St. John Vianney

Small tag blankets, hand-made, St. John Vianney

Glue sticks, Assumption

Water colors, Assumption

Washable markers, Assumption

Construction paper, Assumption

Stickers, Assumption

Pump bottles of hand soap, Trinity

Craft project pipe cleaners, Assumption

Rolls of yarn and ribbon, Assumption

Jumbo sized crayons, Assumption

Garbage bags, Cataldo

Postage stamps, Cataldo

       Packages of AAA batteries, Cataldo

Packets of flower and vegetable seeds, Cataldo

Bottles of hand sanitizer, Cataldo

Tupperware, Cataldo

Light bulbs, Cataldo

Men’s socks, St. Thomas More

Men’s briefs, St. Thomas More

     Spokane Transit bus passes, St. Thomas More

Deodorant, St. Thomas More

     Bags of cough drops, St. Thomas More

Bottles of multi-vitamins, St. Thomas More

Razors, St. Thomas More

Cans of shaving cream, St. Thomas More

Lotion, St. Thomas More

Baby wipes, St. Charles

Breakfast cereal, All Saints and St. Charles

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