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Morning Star Boys’ Ranch celebrates Mardi Gras – family style

from Morning Star Boys' Ranch

(From the March 19, 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

Family, staff, friends, and residents of Morning Star Boys’ Ranch welcomed the approach of Lent with individual masks created for the Ranch’s Mardi Gras celebration. (IR photo courtesy of Morning Star Boys’ Ranch)

Families, friends, teachers, and residents celebrated Mardi Gras “family style” at Morning Star Boys’ Ranch on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 24. In keeping with Morning Star’s mission of healing boys and healing families, the evening focused on building and strengthening family bonds.

Earlier in the week, residents crafted Mardi Gras masks through the Ranch’s Creative Arts program. As everyone arrived on the evening of Fat Tuesday, residents were all too excited to join their families in creating masks for each additional person.

“Participating in creative activities together as a family brings moms, dads, sons, sisters, brothers, everyone together to embrace imagination and discover new ways to relax and grow together,” said Sue Rolando, Creative Arts Facilitator. “When they’re making masks, they’re not talking about their past problems or the fight they had last weekend; they’re smiling, laughing, and making healthy, meaningful connections with each other.”

The evening continued as guest hostess Stacy Chatman shared traditional New Orleans cuisine and stories from growing up in her hometown. She concluded the evening by teaching families, residents, and guests how to dance to Mardi Gras music; everyone joined together and swung their napkins in the air while line dancing around the dining room.

Residents, parents, and siblings left with a lasting experience of nurturing family relationships.

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