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Catholic Daughters Court Madonna of the Valley continues support for CAPA program

the Inland Register

(From the June 11, 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

Pictured are Hilda Boyd, financial secretary of Court Madonna #2556, along with the coordinators of the CAPA Project, Arleen Spragg and Stephanie Allen. The quilt that Arleen and Stephanie are holding was made by Stephanie Allen and Donna June Kellams. (IR photo courtesy of the Catholic Daughters)

For the past three years, Court Madonna of the Valley #2556 in Spokane Valley, Wash., has sponsored a Christmas Luncheon in support of Catholic Charities’ Childbirth and Parenting Alone (CAPA) Program. In addition to the Christmas Luncheon, Madonna of the Valley sponsors a Lenten Collection of baby items at St. John Vianney Parish, filling two dressers with baby items donated by parishioners

Originally, two young mothers were supported for the year. The money from the luncheons was used to provide strollers, highchairs, baby wipes and diapers, diaper bags, baby books and miscellaneous baby items, along with a large amount of clothing in various sizes to accommodate the growth of the babies and supporting young mothers who choose to bring their child to term, rather than opt for an abortion.

After Catholic Charities’ move to a new location, CAPA no longer had space to store larger items, such as high chairs and strollers. Instead, the Court was asked to provide diapers and baskets. The court purchased 10 cases of diapers at $405 and six baskets to hold all of the items donated and purchased. It was also decided that the court would donate the items and have the CAPA program distribute as needed, rather than giving everything to two mothers.

Libby Hein, director of CAPA, wrote to Court Madonna: “You are such an amazing group of women and we are so blessed to have your support for our young moms and babies. I’m sending you a formal thank you letter, but please let the group know how much we appreciate and value your support.”

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