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Walla Walla Catholic Daughters honor education contest participants

the Inland Register

(From the July 2, 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

Division I winners, from left, are Amy Elmenhurst, Destinee Bollinger, Jane Conley, Marilyn Cummins, Anna Ruthven and Josie Anhorn.

Division II winners: front row, from left, are Leo Chaidarun, Miguel Cortez, Chris Lopez, Isaac Mata, and Cameron Richman. Back row, from left, are Madeline Brooks, Christal Hall, Ashton Montgomery, Paul Elmenhurst, Daisy Shoen, Max Failing, Ali Zander, Madison Howton, Megan Hamada, Cheyenne Shoen, and Isaiah Scheel. (IR photos courtesy of Donna Wujek)

St. Cecilia’s Court #668 of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas in Walla Walla hosted their annual education contest this year. Winners were honored the evening of May 26. This year’s themes were “God’s gifts in my life” and “The gifts I give to others,” with participants in grades 4-12 competing in the categories of art, essay, poetry, computer art, photography and music.

First place cash awards were $15; second place, $10; third, $8; honorable mention, $5.

Names with asterisks won on the state level and will compete this month on the national level. Names are listed in order of placement: First, Second, Third, Honorable Mention.


Division I: Josie Anhorn*, Cassidy Meliah, Amy Elmenhurst, Natalia Maiuri.
Division II: Isaac Mata, Genesis Cruzeley, Max Failing, Leo Chaidarun.
Division III: Breanna Jaspersen*, Tizia Jatzke, Benjamin Konen, Marcella Perez.

Computer Art

Division II: Miguel Cortez*, Michael Grant, Chris Lopez, Jo Jo Mason.
Division III: Art Chaidarun*.


Division I: Jane Conley, Michael Daniel, Marilyn Cummins, Cassidy Meliah.
Division II: Ali Zander*, Ashton Montgomery, Cheyenne Schoen; Honorable Mentions: Matthew Daniel, Alex Buley, Megan Hamada.
Division III: Jasmin Martinez*, Spenser Smith.


Division I: Michael Daniel*, Anna Ruthven, Allesyn Lyons, Destinee Bollinger.
Division II: Matthew Daniel, Madison Howton, Genesis Cruzaley, Madeline Brooks.
Division III: Monica Daniel*, Katherine Jubb, Joe Zimmerman, Pat Sharkey.


Division II: Paul Elmenhurst, Daisy Schoen.


Division II: Isaiah Scheel, Cameron Richman, Connor Richard, Christal Hall.
Division III: Chloe Betts*, Katie Tompkins, Daisha Hall, Kyle Konen.

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