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(From the July 30, 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

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    God-given babies


    I wrote my first letter in March regarding our great privilege to vote. I described the two-party system we get to enjoy with our right, and how it went way out this time. It was verified that 67 percent of Catholics voted for the “Party of Death,” with its platform that specifies that a woman has the right to abort, or murder her baby. This has occurred over 50 million times in our country since Roe vs. Wade. It seems to go right over the heads of these people.

    This must stop. We all know that God will not allow this to continue without some strong retribution. But I have something that has happened in my own life and family that can shed some light on another sad thing that has happened. to help further the cause to stop aborting these millions of innocent victims.

    What would you say of raising a family today? In our family we had four wonderful boys and four wonderful girls. They all went to a Catholic grade and high schools. We raised them to look for partners to share their lives and to raise their families. These plans were put into place for the right young men to marry our four beautiful daughters and to look forward to raising a family. Of these four beautiful daughters, two could not conceive children, even after every medical and physically possible solution proved negative. When the thought of adopting was entertained, there were no children to be adopted, unless you could come up with thousands of dollars.

    One of these wonderful daughters heard of the news of the young women who placed her two baby boys in their car seats and then pushed the car into a lake and drowned them. My daughter called me on the phone, sobbing her heart out and saying. Why didn’t that mother call my daughter and give her children to her, rather than kill them? There are millions of families out there that cannot conceive and there are not enough babies out there to supply them. Think about it. We must demand to stop this horrible waste of God-given babies.

    I would like to share with you “Prayer for Christian Unity,” the latest prayer of the church as written by William Laud: Gracious Father, we pray to you for your Holy Catholic Church. Fill it with your truth. Keep it in your peace. Where it is corrupt, reform it. Where it is in error, correct it. Where it is right, defend it. Where it in want, provide for it. Where it is divided, re-unite it; for the sake of your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Edward J. Mertens, Spokane Valley, Wash.

    Morally right choices


    This is response to those critics of the protestors of Obama’s visit to Notre Dame University. The critics termed the protestors as “self-righteous” and further labeled them as an “embarrassment to their brand of Catholicism. Had these critics themselves been properly catechized in their faith, their letters would not have sounded like they came right of the DNC offices.

    How does a practicing Catholic form a right conscience when confronted with a moral dilemma of voting for or against a candidate who must be trusted not to violate the laws of God or the Natural Law? Can one be held accountable for enabling a moral evil? In the guidelines for proper formation of one’s conscience as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Article 6, “Moral Conscience,” from paragraph 1780-1802, and new section on “Immediate Material Cooperation,” one will find all that is necessary to make a morally right choice.

    When a candidate clearly states that he will follow an “Abortion on Demand” policy, use the taxing power of the federal government to fund and export this policy around the world, he is guilty of a very grave evil before God. Obama openly promoted abortion, artificial contraception, and was willing to ship condoms around the world at U.S. citizens’ expense in the name of “Women’s Health” rights. Whoever voted for him could be a collaborator in the moral evil or guilty of complicity by providing “Immediate Material Cooperation” to put this man in a place where he could carry out his publicly stated policy.

    Did we not hold Germans accountable for Hitler’s acts against the Jews after World War II? Didn’t Hitler also bring prosperity to Germany and alleviate poverty? Some German citizens were even put to death for their collaboration, even those who were ordered to do so by their superiors!

    In the March 2009 issue of Catholic World Report, the article “Obama and the Alternative Magisterium” identifies a surprising number of theology professors at some Catholic universities around the U.S. who served on President Obama’s “National Catholic Advisory Committee.” Their main task was to help Obama couch his pro-choice platform in way that would be palatable to Catholic laity, priests, and nuns. (The article names which Catholic universities participated and tells the extent of their participation in this election). It is clear that their efforts contributed to providing “immediate material cooperation” to place Obama in a position to carry out a moral evil.

    Many Catholics were duped into participating in a moral evil. The question for a person with a conscience is: Did my vote contribute to this agenda of evil?

    War, just or unjust, does end; wages can get better; air can get cleaner; but killing unborn babies is continuing and seems to get worse!

    Victor V. Carnell, Spokane

    Battle evil


    Please join us as we battle the evil that is permeating our government, as they swiftly pass bills against God’s laws often without even reading them. We need miracles.

    All you angels and saints in heaven, souls in purgatory, all the Body of Christ, we implore your help for miracles for the soul of our country and the protection of our Constitutional freedoms.

    Please join us in our rosary prayer crusade with Jesus and Our Blessed Mother to do battle and overrule Obama and his destruc-tive crew’s agenda, including the Health Care Reform bill which includes FOCA and rescinding of conscience protection, plus adding billions to our already huge debt. If passed, someone in government will also decide if you will get medical treatment and who will be your provider. (Where is our citizens’ outrage?) 

    We pray for miracles that will protect us from paying for millions and millions of abortions, including their clinic slaughterhouses with our tax money, and also protect freedom of conscience (and other forthcoming planned disasters).

    Our country is in huge peril. In the past, with enough prayers, Jesus and Our Lady have sent miraculous interventions. We fervently pray for that. Check:

    We need to redouble prayers and our efforts now before it’s too late.

    Name withheld by request

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