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(From the , 2009 edition of the Inland Register)

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    The most dangerous words


    The most dangerous words ever put into the legislation of any state were enacted into Washington State law last May. Many SB-5688 supporters are appealing to “sympathy for the gay community” and overlooking a terrible precedent about to be set.

    No, it doesn’t have to do with a redefinition of marriage – though that, too, is a legal earthquake about to jolt the populace at a magnitude off the Richter scale!

    SB-5688 contains these most dangerous words: “is now to be construed as.” Just once would have been too often, but they entered it into every existing law related to our genders. Male and female are now to be construed as gender neutral! Let that stay in print, and you have the double-speak of 1984!

    A very well-known king once wrote: “With justice he will rule the world; he will judge the peoples with his truth.” (Ps 96) But when SB-5688 says, “X is now to be construed as Y,” truth becomes relative!

    When you see the battle cry “Reject SB-5688 on lawn signs and brochures, it is to be construed as Reject SB-5688.

    Walt Stichart, Colville, Wash.

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