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Compiled by Father Tom Caswell, for the Inland Register

(From the May 20, 2010 edition of the Inland Register)

From the Inland Register
Volume 18 - No. 38
50 Years Ago: April 29, 1960

Your Bishop and You: Easter Sunday

by Bishop Bernard Topel

Trip Home

I am on the train going to Helena. It is possible to squeeze in a visit of less than a day with my mother. She is now 86; she has not been too well this winter.

For years, one of our problems has been giving her gifts. Of course, she appreciates prayer above all else. I please her most by offering Holy Mass for her. But one likes to give something material, too.

Here is the problem. Though not wealthy, she has more than enough income for her wants. Further, her tastes are extraordinarily simple. We have long since run out of things to give her that she could use. As a matter of fact, she has all sorts of gifts stacked away. There is nothing left to give her. Literally nothing, except the simplest things. Thus, I have with me on the train home-made bread and preserves that the Sisters gave me, a box of home-made cookies and a bouquet of roses. All these were gifts given to me for her. As a result, I am loaded down with two packages and a suitcase.

Of course, like any mother, most pleasing of all is for her to see her son or daughter. That is why I am on my way home.

The trip to Helena takes quite a while. That is to the good. I am spending that time working on the Harvey Collins book.

Adoration Program

As I ride on the train, my thought is also much taken up with our Adoration Program at the Mahoney Memorial Chapel in Bishop White Seminary. This adoration is becoming perpetual faster than I expected. At the present time, the adoration goes around the clock for five successive days. The other two days it is from noon until nine at night. There is every reason to believe that it will become perpetual, truly perpetual, in May. This is a great joy to all of us. More important, though, is that it will bring extraordinary blessings to the people in the diocese and to our efforts.

As you know, it is absolutely essential that an adorer be present every moment. To this end, each adorer ought to do his best to get an alternate. It would be a great help indeed if an adorer could provide his own substitute. This is especially important at night.

Each adorer must remain until the next one arrives. In case one misses an hour, this can cause a great hardship. It has! Several times at night, adorers have had to remain for two hours because the next adorer did not show.

And something really astonishing has come to our attention. Several have gone into the chapel, signed their name and left without spending their hour in adoration. This is beyond belief…

P.S. Easter Monday: It was a great pleasure for me to find that my mother has definitely improved.

DeSales Students Win Honors at Science Fair

Walla Walla: Students from DeSales High School carried off a bushel full of honors at the Spokane Inland Empire Science Fair on April 6 and 7. Sister Paula, head of the science department at the school, accompanied 14 DeSales students and eight St. Patrick students in the conclave.

Edmund Berrey and Thomas Pautler, both planning pre-med courses in college, won awards for the third successive years. Edmund won first – biological, 12th grade, plus an award for the most scientific thought. Thomas won second – biological, 12th grade.

Other winners were Marianne Hanson, third, biological, 11th grade; John Pollack, first – biological, 10th grade; Gerald Huff, third – biological, 10th grade; and Dianne Torrey, first – physical, 10th grade.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Kathleen Pautler and Margaret Adams, biological, 10th grade, and Beth Phillips and Clifford Heath, ninth grade.

Kathleen Pautler, grand prize winner at the local fair, forfeited her chances for a higher award at the Inland Empire meet when someone inadvertently knocked down the backboards of her exhibit prior to judging.

Mark Pautler, sixth grader, was the only winner from St. Patrick’s. His project, Study of Oil, won him third grand prize for the intermediate grades, a gold cup and a gift certificate.

(Mrs. Francis Pautler, Correspondent)


From the Inland Register
Volume 42 – No. 23
25 Years Ago: June 6, 1985

New Editor Named for Diocesan Newspaper

Beginning with the issue of June 6, the Inland Register will publish under the eye of a new editor.

Bishop Lawrence Welsh has approved the appointment of a lay editor, effective June 1, Eric Mesford, presently chief reporter for the Inland Register, and media consultant for the diocesan Communications Office, has been named to the position of editor upon the recommendation of Father Michael Savelesky, Bishop’s Secretary for Evangelization.

Father Savelesky himself has served as editor of the IR since May 1980. Commenting on his resignation from the post of editor, Father Savelesky said that “it is once again time for this media ministry to be headed by a lay person. The new editor is highly qualified for the task that lies ahead of him; I am sure he will continue to produce a quality news magazine.

“Although I edited our high school seminary paper and managed to publish a few issues of an underground newspaper during my Gonzaga University days, I did not dream at ordination time that I would ever edit a newspaper. These past five years in the newspaper business have been very enriching ones for me. Most readers would never guess what goes into the publication of a news magazine – even a small one like the IR! Yes, I will miss the time spent editing and pasting up – but especially I will miss my contact with a dedicated staff.”

In accepting Father Savelesky’s resignation, Bishop Welsh noted that the resigning editor had made a significant contribution to the development of the IR as a vital communications link in the diocese. “I accept the resignation with a sense of deep appreciation for the work Father Savelesky has put into the paper these past five years. Our paper is and will continue to be a vital link of communication for our Catholic community.”

The bishop noted that perhaps the most significant development during the time of Father Savelesky’s editorship was the determination to make the IR available to all the Catholic households in the diocese – nearly 21,000. The Bishop noted that further developments in the distribution and publication of the diocese’s major news source may be forthcoming in future months.

Eric Mesford, the newly appointed editor, has served the diocese in the capacity of media consultant since May 1983, with an absence of six months. He and his wife Kathlyn live in Spokane and are members of St. Peter Parish.

He holds a master’s degree in communications from the University of Portland and a bachelor’s degree in history from Gonzaga University. He has also studied theology at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Acquinas, Rome, and completed course work in business management.

He, too, edited his high school newspaper and once published an underground newspaper.

In addition, he has worked as a commercial copywriter for a Christian radio station in Salem, Ore., as an actor, and an editor of children’s textbooks.

(Father Caswell is the diocese’s Ecumenical Relations Officer and archivist for the Inland Register, and a frequent contributor to this publication.)

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