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Regional Report

by Deacon Eric Meisfjord, Editor, Inland Register

(From the July 29, 2010 edition of the Inland Register)

Archdiocese of Seattle

SEATTLE – Holy Family Parish is sponsoring a one-hour broadcast on Monday mornings of Radio Catolica Jesucristo, a Spanish language program of evangelization, catechetics and apologetics for the Puget Sound area.

Hosting the program will be Deacon Abel Magana Sainz. The program will invite listeners “to return home, to live the call of the faith, so that we don’t forget who we are and where we are going, to know that from the Lord we came and to the Lord we will go.”

The first programs will feature only the deacon.

SEATTLE – Archbishop Alex J. Brunett recognized the first “graduates” of two archdiocesan programs, Companions in God’s Service and Mastery of the Catechism, last month at St. Benedict Church.

The archbishop commissioned 17 lay ecclesial ministers. Two came from Christifideles, a program of graduate education and formation run by the archdiocese in partnership with Seattle University and the University of Portland, and 15 who had completed Companions in God’s Service, a professional certification program for those working in parishes or Catholic schools who generally already had a graduate degree.

The archbishop also presented certificates to 22 people who had completed the archdiocese’s Mastery of the Catechism program, which entailed week-long summer retreats focused on study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The group met from 2005-2008.

— Catholic Northwest Progress (Archdiocese of Seattle)

Archdiocese of Portland

ALBANY — In honor of its upcoming 125th anniversary, St. Mary Parish is publishing a book of inspirational stories of parishioners’ experience of church there.

The project is being spearheaded by Patricia Proctor, author of 101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary, among others. The book will be available for purchase at the parish bazaar in November and then distributed more widely to Catholic bookstores around the country, through and Barnes and Noble, and other online bookstores next year.

Stories might be about any spiritual experience through the parish – special moments when parishioners felt “touched by grace.”

ST. BENEDICT – Father Slider Steurnol, a married former Presbyterian minister who converted to Catholicism and was ordained a Catholic priest in 1996, died after suffering a fatal heart attack while on retreat at Mount Angel Abbey. He was 66 years old and had been serving as administrator of St. Agatha Parish, Portland, since July 2001.

Father Steurnol held degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, N.J., and Mount Angel Seminary.

In 1975 he was ordained a Presbyterian minister and served at several congregations prior to his conversion to Catholicism in 1994. He is survived by his wife, Jacque; their three children; and his mother.

— Catholic Sentinel (Archdiocese of Portland)

Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

GREAT FALLS – Writing in his diocesan newspaper, Bishop Michael Warfel recently addressed the upcoming changes to the Roman Missal. Here are some excerpts:

• The Eucharistic liturgy is all about our worship of God. It is a celebration of faith in which we can experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
• Liturgy is a response to grace. The impulse to worship comes not from us but from God.
• Ritual actions are the familiar and repeatable patterns that help us worship as one community of the faithful as opposed to individuals who share the same space. When the pattern of our movements and gestures are the same, the united action expresses that we are united as one body. … The gestures we make help us to pray, not only with our minds, but also with our bodies. When done together with others, these gestures help us to express our faith communally.

— The Harvest (Diocese of Great Falls-Billings)

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