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Bishop Donald Kettler, Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska

the Inland Register

(From the Aug. 19, 2010 edition of the Inland Register)

Dear Bishops Skylstad and Cupich:

I am the bishop of a very small missionary diocese, at least in our number of Catholic people. Nevertheless, I have been surprised by how busy one can become in meeting the ordinary responsibilities of the office of bishop.

Having mentioned this, I think you will understand why I admire and appreciate all that you, Bishop Skylstad, have offered your diocese, the Church in the United States, and me personally. You have served so many as a kind and caring servant.

Bishop Skylstad, you are always ready to send a note of support, birthday and holiday greetings or to offer any assistance and counsel you so capably could provide. You are a true shepherd of Godís people, many bishops and other Church personnel. You willingly volunteered to lead our Church nationally and internationally. For all of this, we have been richly blessed and nourished.

May the Lord bless your future years with good health, rich enjoyment of your many interests and hobbies, and the strength necessary to continue to love and support Godís people, especially the bishops of our Northwest Region.

Bishop Cupich, welcome to the Diocese of Spokane and the great Northwest Region of the United States. In many ways you have already served the Church and the Diocese of Rapid City in the caring, effective and selfless manner lived by Bishop Skylstad.

I thank you for saying ďyesĒ to Godís call to assume your new episcopal ministry. May Godís blessing be yours along with all the people of the Diocese of Spokane. I pray for you and certainly promise any assistance that I might be able to give during your time of transition.

Bishop Donald Kettler , Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska

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